Top Men ander Top Questions (BOD MAG)

Alex Hounchell

Going to college, a majority of us have had the same thought. What am I going to do after school? Where will I find a job? Who will hire me? How will I balance work and school? Overall, it is important to take a deep breath. Here are some answers for your top job questions.


  1. What are employers looking for in college graduates?


Though it is hard to create one model that works for all, but according to the 2017 Job Outlook Survey by the National Association of Colleges, the top three things that employers look for in resumes are the ability to work in a team, problem-solving skills, and written communication skills.

Dr. Phil Gardner at Michigan State talks about the T-Shaped professional. Someone who has a broad range of knowledge while also having a depth of knowledge in certain fields.

     2.  What are the best was to succeed at a job?


“The best way to succeed is to do more than is expected of you,” Kent McAnally, Director of Career Services, said. Succeeding at a job is more about knowing what not to do. Try to stay out of office politics and away from gossip. Defer to people who know more, when you are unsure of what to do. Don’t say nasty things about your employer on Twitter and Facebook.

“No job is perfect, and you are highly unlikely to be in your dream job right after graduation, and if you are, your dreams are still evolving,” McAnally said.


     3. How do I balance school, a job, and my social life at the same time?


“Balance is difficult for most of us,” McAnally said. There are two ways to look at balance. The first way is to strike a work-life balance, meaning that there is a definitive line between work and play. School and a job are considered work, while a social life is play. The important thing is trying to do things that relieve stress overall. Whatever works for you, whatever it may be. Meditation, yoga, or biking are all good places to start.

The second method is the opposite. This means attempting to blur the line between work and play. The Silicon Valley companies built their entire model after this and may of them, like Google are thriving. If you can find a way to turn work into play to some degree, this may also help managing.

“There’s no perfect equation for balance that works for everybody. Just like there’s no universal “perfect job”.” Mcanally said.

In general, there is no right answer that fits everyone. Rest assured that if you would like to build up your professional repertoire, Career Services in Morgan 105, is always there to help. They’ve even helped me a time or two.