Student Spotlight: Madison King seeks to make a difference at Washburn

Madison King is a junior nursing major who hopes to make a real change in the world. She has been an inspiration to many students on campus. (Madison King)

Madison King is a driven and enthusiastic nursing student who has always been determined to make a positive impact in the world.

King was born and raised in Topeka, Kansas. After graduating from Washburn Rural High School, King completed her prerequisites at Kansas State University before transferring to Washburn and is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. She has become an active member of the nursing community at Washburn, helping her peers by creating Quizlets and notes to share and practicing with them.

“I have known Madison since high school, she has always been known for her resilience, kindness, and sense of humor, her friends including me, appreciate her for the joy and positivity she brings in our lives,” said America Alconz, a junior nursing major and close friend to King. Alconz stated that King’s passion for change is a testament to her desire to make a positive impact wherever she goes.

King’s goal on campus is to make the campus more accessible by introducing recreational activities like yoga classes to promote physical and mental well-being. She is dedicated to making a difference in the world of nursing and is an inspiration to those around her. In addition to her studies, King also works full-time and part-time jobs mastering the art of balancing her grades and work, a skill that is not easy to achieve.

King’s passion for nursing and her dedication to making a difference has not gone unnoticed. She was nominated for Washburn Review newsletter student spotlight due to her hard work in nursing school and her diligence in balancing her grades and work life.

When King is not studying or working, she enjoys spending time with friends and watching animated movies and series, particularly those from Disney. She also loves playing video games such as “Cuphead” and “Spirit Farers.”

Overall, King is an inspiration to many. Her resilience, kindness, sense of humor and her interest in nursing have made her an outstanding nursing student at Washburn. King’s passion for change and her willingness to take on new challenges is something that everyone can learn from. She is a dedicated and passionate individual who is determined to make a positive impact in the world of nursing and beyond.


Edited by: Rakesh Swarnakar and Simran Shrestha