Washburn shows appreciation to students working on campus

Sandhya Bhandari, Content Creator

The role of student employees in the workplace is significant, but they may not always receive the recognition or appreciation. Allocating a specific week to honor and acknowledge their tireless effort and commitment can serve to express gratitude and show support to their valuable contributions.

Kassidy Korte, a sophomore majoring in legal studies and working in the Ichabod shop, thought that it was nice knowing that student workers are appreciated, and that people think of them.

“Sometimes I feel small working under people. So, it’s nice to know that my bosses and the faculty recognize that I’m putting in the work,” Korte said.

Student employee appreciation week starts on April 11 and runs until April 14. Washburn organizes events like spin the wheel, free cookies and drinks and prize drawings on these weekdays to appreciate student workers.

Student employment serves as a reminder of how crucial it is to provide students with chances to receive real-world experience in the workplace and acquire useful skills that will be beneficial to them in the future.

The chance to acknowledge and recognize the hardship and efforts of the student employees is provided by student employment appreciation week. It is crucial to recognize the efforts of students who balance working part-time jobs with their studies because they frequently encounter special difficulties.

Samira Prasai, a freshman majoring in nursing who works at Lincoln Dining, thinks that student appreciation week creates a positive work environment where they feel valued and respected, leading to better relationships with their colleagues and supervisors.

“Overall, appreciation can significantly impact a student’s morale and job performance,” Prasai said.

Working while learning in school can provide students with the opportunity to network with professionals in their field of interest and learn more about potential career paths.

Many students rely on part-time jobs to cover the costs of tuition, books and other expenses. Student employment appreciation week can help raise awareness of the financial challenges that students face and encourage support for programs and initiatives that can help ease these burdens.

Megan Dorantes, a senior majoring in public administration and working with the Campus Activities Board said that students help run the university so their views should be supported and helped with difficulties in a constructive way.

“Sometimes I think I’m not doing enough in my work, then at that time appreciation is helpful because it’s like I know I’m still working hard, but I should still be supported and appreciated for the work that I’m doing,” Dorantes said.

This week is also important because it provides a platform for recognizing and supporting important contributions that student employees make to their schools and communities, while also highlighting the benefits of part-time work for career development, networking and financial support.

Students said appreciation builds trust, boosts productivity, improves reputation and decreases turnover and makes them feel happy.

Peyton Price, a sophomore majoring in business with an emphasis in marketing and entrepreneurship and innovation working at the business office, said that student appreciation week makes her feel appreciated.

“I would be happy if the hard work that I’m putting into my job is being appreciated, supported and valued,” Price said.

This week will help student employees feel appreciated increasing their self-esteem and confidence, leading to a sense of pride in their achievements and motivation to maintain high performance. At the end of the day, expressing appreciation for student employees can enhance job satisfaction, engagement and happiness in the workplace.


Edited by Aja Carter and LeSha’ Davis