Student Leadership Council: A hub for developing future leaders


Arnav Pokharel

SLC hosts its informational meeting. The event took place in the Memorial Union underground.

On April 6, the Student Leadership Council (SLC) held its yearly informational night in the Memorial Union underground. The meeting drew individuals who have an interest in leadership. The purpose of the meeting was to create an opportunity for undergraduate students to develop their leadership skills while working alongside fellow students, faculty and staff. The council provides a hands-on learning experience for students who want to grow.

“We really want to give students and Washburn members an opportunity to grow both personally, but also professionally and we have that space on the Student Leadership Council for them to do that,” said Lily Thompson, a junior majoring in psychology and a member of SLC.

The council meets once a year during the fall semester, which is when the largest turnout of applications occur. However, there are also semester positions available in both the fall and spring. Year-round positions are also available. The council consists of students from all grades, who share a common goal of expanding their leadership skills.

The council’s primary focus is on leadership, but there are also other co-curricular programs available. The Living Learning Community and the Student Leadership Challenge Event are just a couple of examples of the activities that the council organizes.

The recent meeting held by the council was to discuss the upcoming application process for new members. Current members of the council were on hand to answer questions and share their experiences. The meeting was an opportunity for potential applicants to learn more about the council and what it has to offer.

“We like discussing with our new potential applicants about what we do, how our experiences help others and what it’s all about. In this club meeting we did the same, we talked with our new members and enjoyed the food and the moment,” said Derica Mercer, a freshman majoring in political science.

The council has been around for several years, with its founding likely occurring in 2008. Since then, the council has been providing valuable leadership opportunities to Washburn students, helping them grow and develop into leaders on campus and beyond.

The Student Leadership Council is an opportunity for undergraduate students to develop their leadership skills. With a focus on hands-on learning and working alongside fellow students, faculty and staff, the council provides a unique experience for students looking to expand their leadership abilities. Whether through the council itself or other co-curricular programs, there are many opportunities for students to get involved and develop their skills.

Edited by Aja Carter and Simran Shrestha