Hobbies improve student life in more ways than one


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Hobbies make for a great diversion from the stresses of daily life. Stress have often dealt with stress from their first day of school.

Everyone loves and seeks pleasure in their hobbies. Without it, life would become boring and non-adventurous. The pleasure of hobbies enable people to put their problems aside and enjoy a break. Hobbies allow them to discover who they are and assist in realizing their potential in a variety of areas.

Mousam Bhandari, a freshman majoring in computer science and business, said that he plays games and often visits Esports when he is stressed out due to exams and assignments.

“Hobby is a source of accomplishment for me, it helps me to engage in activities that I enjoy as balanced and fulfilling life,” Bhandari said.

Skilled at Life suggests trying something new. Students can discover and incorporate a variety of amazing, interesting things into daily lives. Although, after one person encounters a hobby that they truly enjoy, they become addicted. It has enraptured students in a deeply personal way and integrates with their life.

For students, having a hobby is significant since it offers them a way to relax, explore their passions, discover their strengths and develop both personally and professionally—all of which help them grow.

Ilwaad Isa, a Somali-American and social entrepreneur, believes that discovering one’s identity is innate and crucial for growth.

“Our souls have an intrinsic desire to convey their identity, which is triggered by various stimuli including melody, poetry, individuals, or adventures with. This results in a quick and significant alteration in our perception and thoughts, much like the commencement of a hurricane, as our soul changes into a child joyfully revealing a major discovery.”

Students can experience a feeling of achievement, personal growth and important learning opportunities through engaging in hobbies and school activities. These encounters can dramatically change a student’s life, optimizing their identity and paving the way to success in both academic and professional activities.

Samantha Martin, a junior majoring in Business, states that she mostly watches television or hang out with friends as her hobby. She thinks that it is important to take a certain amount of time during the day to relax and separate from school and give your mind a chance to reset. Be prepared for what you have next.

Extra curricular activities, ambitions and interests can provide students with valuable learning experiences that can contribute to the growth of critical skills like multitasking, teamwork and organization. These encounters can significantly alter a student’s life and provide them useful skills that will benefit them in many facets of their lives.

In addition, a healthy work-life balance is important for students’ emotional and physical health and hobbies can surely help them achieve this balance. These activities are extremely beneficial for students, who are often under strain and stress from their academic workload. The much-needed break that students need to relax and refresh their minds might be provided by their hobbies.

One of the many academic requirements that students frequently must satisfy is coursework, with homework, exams and presentations. Hobbies can help to ease this tension and provide a much-needed break.

They should never forget that hobbies don’t require a great deal of effort or finances. Simple pastimes like jogging, gardening and playing music offer a wide range of diversions from academic success as well as a sense of purpose.

Moreover, hobbies aren’t simply enjoyable times. They may be extremely beneficial for helping learners in discovering and seeking their best interests. Students who take part in activities they are passionate about might learn a lot from their strengths, concerns and capabilities, which can be utilized in a variety of competent routes.

For instance, a sports-obsessed student may want to look at employment options in game production, programming or esports management. With their passion for sports, these students can gain from the knowledge and abilities they have already gained in disciplines like strategy, teamwork and sports analytics.

Finally, students can explore their enthusiasm and encourage innovative abilities both personally and professionally through hobbies. Hobbies also assist learners in establishing a healthy work-life balance and offer a break from stress. Learners may acquire useful experience from their hobbies that will help them succeed academically and professionally. In addition, hobbies can be used to discover and pursue new interests and career advancement paths. As a result, students must prioritize and actively participate in their hobbies as a means of personal growth and enjoyment.


Edited by Aja Carter and Glorianna Noland