All Institute Night preps students for success in the Leadership Challenge event


Andrew Mannell

Students collaborating to successfully execute an All Institute Night. The necessary arrangements were done for the upcoming leadership challenge event that will take place after two weeks.

The Leadership Institute hosted an All Institute Night in the Petro Allied Health Center Feb. 16 from 6-8 p.m. in preparation of the upcoming Leadership Challenge Event happening March 2-3. More than 20 students attended to help and support the planning of the Leadership Challenge event, including members and staff of the Leadership Institute.

The All Institute Night involved various tasks such as organizing supplies, forming teams, assigning team leaders, packing snack bags and T-shirts, setting clocks, arranging name tags and distributing T-shirts. The main focus was on completing the necessary tasks for the March event.

“All Institute Night allows students to build a sense of community and provides a platform for them to develop leadership skills and connect with peers,” said Lauren Edelman, director of the Leadership Institute. “The meeting is very important for the Leadership Challenge Event, which requires teamwork, efficient event planning and many students to execute successfully.”

Attendees of the were divided into four groups based on their areas of interest: communications, campus engagement, community outreach and the Leadership Challenge Event team. Each team discussed the tasks assigned to them and ways in which they could contribute.

“The Leadership Challenge Event challenges high school and college students to demonstrate leadership skills as individuals and teams by completing real-life simulations,” said Mikaella White-Leistikow, a fellow of the Leadership Challenge Event. “The entire competition is organized and led by a student team.”

Andrew Coe, a student volunteer team lead and a junior public administration major, highlighted the significance of the All Institute Night for those interested in the event’s preparation.

“The Institute Night was done to inform Washburn students about the latest news and developments in the Leadership Institute,” Coe said. “It was especially useful for students who are interested in the Leadership Challenge Event and want to get involved in its preparation.”

The All Institute Night was a productive and informative meeting where attendees gained insight into future events and had the chance to participate in planning for the Leadership Challenge Event. The evening highlighted the significance of working together as a team and demonstrated the students’ enthusiasm in ensuring the event’s success. The Leadership Institute presents opportunities for students to thrive and flourish and illustrate their commitment.

Anyone interested in volunteering or getting involved in improving the institute and its social media presence, organizing outreach events, designing event invitations or other marketing materials, or contributing photographic or technological skills, can get in touch with the Leadership Institute by visiting its office in Benton Hall or by emailing [email protected].

Edited by: Rakesh Swarnakar and Glorianna Noland