Historical movie night screens ‘King Charles III’


Arnav Pokharel

Professor Tom Prasch along with the viewers discuss the movie “King Charles 3.” Attendees have always had positive impressions of historic movie night.

A historical movie night was presented by Tom Prasch, professor and chair of history, Tuesday Jan. 31 at 7 p.m. in Henderson 112. The movie night was sponsored by Phi Alpha Theta and they screened Rupert Goold’s “King Charles 3,”, which tells us a story of the events following the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the ascension of Prince Charles to the throne as King Charles III.

The film depicts events following the death of Diana, princess of Wales, after a car accident in 1997. It imagines the future of monarchy and the conflict between the royal family and the government, as King Charles struggles to assert his power and uphold traditional values in a rapidly changing world.

“The play combined Shakespearean elements to critique monarchy and politics, including real-life conflicts in the royal family,” Prasch said.

Tim Pigott-Smith portrayed the role of the King in the movie. The movie showcased the inner workings of British politics, their relationship with the government and the citizens.

Several staff members and students attended the movie night event. Shital Tamang, a freshman in nursing, also attended the event.

“It was a new experience for me, I was particularly excited about the event. It was a fantastic historical film, and I loved how the political situation of the British Royal Family following the passing of Queen Elizabeth was shown. Watching it was worthwhile,” Tamang said.

Prasch concluded the movie night by briefly explaining how cinematography played a greater role in making the movie feel more real. He also talked about the consequences the British Royal family had to hold after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.


Edited by: Simran Shrestha and Aja Carter