“Halloween Ends” is disappointing installment of classic franchise

“Halloween Ends” doesn’t quite make the cut in the eyes of this reviewer. (photo by Universal)

Over fall break, I went and saw “Halloween Ends.” I was very disappointed with the film. The showdown between Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael Myers absolutely sucked. I feel like music was lacking, and music is what helps tell the story in a film sometimes, a great score could save a terrible film. This movie felt so random. It focused too much on Corey, who was a babysitter with a tragic backstory that was explained in the opening scene of the movie. Too much time was spent on this “wannabe Michael,” Corey.

“Halloween” is my favorite franchise. The movie had the potential to be so much better had they not thrown a random plot line that introduced a copycat killer. It just wasn’t something I was rocking with. Another thing I had an issue with was the screentime Michael received. The copycat serial killer got more bodies in this film than the original killer – who the movie was actually supposed to be about! Imagine getting outshined by a random nobody in your own movie. Couldn’t be me.

I’m not even going to talk about how Corey was easily able to steal Micheal’s mask. We know Micheal real sensitive about that mask, and Corey should’ve been laid out over that.

The best part about this film was the third act. The kitchen battle between Micheal and Laurie was actually really good – so much suspense. Of course, I felt for Michael when Laurie decided to treat him like a dissection specimen for biology class.

They had my boy Michael living in a sewer like he was Master Splinter from “Ninja Turtles.” He only lost the fight in the last 16 minutes of the film because that’s all they gave my man – only 16 minutes! Anyway, he lost because he was weak. Micheal gets stronger when he kills people, so if he had gotten more screen time, he would’ve been strong as hell.

The end result was Micheal’s “death;” the citizens of Haddonfield came together to toss Micheal into a shredder. The writers should’ve shredded up the script and tried writing something better. It would’ve been really cool to see Micheal come back one last time and pull Laurie Strode into the shredder along with him. That would’ve made a better ending than the wrongful death Micheal had.

If I had to rate this film on a scale of 1-10, I’d give it a solid 3. However, we all have differing opinions; check it out for yourself to see what you think.