Biological science honor society inducts new members

Dr. Andrew Herbig honoring students with Tri Beta cord. The Tri Beta initiation was conducted on Tuesday, April 5 at the Bradbury Thompson alumni center.

The Tri Beta initiation was conducted on Tuesday, April 5 at the Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center. Tri Beta is a collegiate honor society and academic club for students of the biological sciences. Founded in 1922, Tri Beta marked its 100 years of completion at the event.

Initiation welcomes and honors the new student members into the society who have achieved academic excellence in the field of biology. Andrew Herbig, Associate Professor of Biology and Tri Beta faculty advisor, opened the ceremony by welcoming the guest speaker Dr. Sarah Beagle, a Washburn alumna. The induction ceremony started with a welcome speech from Beagle followed by lighting up of the candles and recitation of the vows. 20 new students were officially inaugurated at the event and were honored with the Tri Beta’s auspicious cord.

“This is a celebration of great achievements, for which I am very proud to be a part of. I feel very fortunate to welcome these brilliant minds into our society and I wish them continuous success ahead. As an active member of this society, I expect new inductees to contribute to this society in a positive way and endorse in brilliant ideas to uphold to the core values of this organization.”, said Avinash Dhimal, a junior majoring in Molecular Biology/Biotechnology, President of Tri Beta Society.

Family members of the new inductees were also invited for the event and the ceremony and dinner. The event was successfully concluded with the photo sessions and appreciation from the family and staff to the new members of the society.

“It is really an honor being a part of a community with such a long and rich history. It was fun organizing agar art and study nights as a part of this organization and I hope the new members will take the legacy forward,” said Simran Shrestha, a junior in Biotechnology major, vice president of Tri Beta Society.

Edited by: Simran Shrestha and Alyssa Storm