Majors handles pressure on and off the course


provided by Samuel Majors

Senior Samuel Majors watches the ball fly after a drive in a golf tournament. Majors plans to graduate with a degree in business with an emphasis in finance and economics.

Samuel Majors is a hard-working collegiate athlete set to graduate in May after only three years at Washburn.

Majors is a senior in business with an emphasis in finance and economics and he is also on the Washburn golf team. “I definitely knew I’d do business,” He said. “Finance and economics specifically. It just kind of seemed like the field I wanted to go into.”

Shane Vandalsem, associate professor of finance and business, speaks highly of Majors’ effectiveness in the classroom.

“I just see his school work, but he does a very good job at it,” said Vandalsem. “He’s very focused; I can tell he’s very focused on his classes. He’s very attentive, so he’s done a great job of balancing that.”

Originally from Wichita, Majors decided to attend Washburn because of his opportunity to continue playing golf in college. “The opportunity to play was big for me. Once I got to come on and visit here, it just seemed like a fit,” he said.

Although having to juggle school work, practice and golf tournaments can be overwhelming, Majors says time management is the key to his success.

One thing that he enjoys about Washburn is the smaller class size and how well the professors work with him and other students:

“Last night, I was on with my strategic management professor until like 9:30 p.m. on Zoom. She had a class until 8:15 p.m., and she’s like, ‘Well, I can meet you after,’ so she was on with us for like an hour after that,” Majors said. “So that’s nice, just the willingness of professors to actually help you out.”

Vandalsem mentions that Majors is very professional, easy to get along with and very outgoing: a great representation of Washburn.

After graduating, Majors plans to head back to Wichita. “I have an Internship coming up in the summer at Koch Industries in Wichita. They do a lot of different things, so I’m kind of going in with a blank slate and then just see what sticks.”

After completing his internship, Majors is optimistic in pursuing a career at Koch Industries.

“Hopefully I’ll get a full-time role at Koch after the internship, but yeah, definitely pursuing my dreams of working in finance and hopefully be a leader of people no matter where I go,” Majors said.

Edited by: Justin Shepard, Glorianna Noland