Washburn encourages students to share their voices


Graphic by: Maggie Cabrera

With various outlets to voice opinions, students are encouraged to speak out. Washburn University ensures that its students are able to have free speech on campus.

In such a diverse nation, it is important to have a voice and be able to share opinions. College campuses are a place where various people come to learn, but having a voice is also important.Washburn University has many outlets as to how students can voice their opinions.

“I feel like ever since I got to Washburn, they have encouraged us to have our own opinion and have provided us with resources to how we can express it in an appropriate manner,” said Logan Schmidt, a senior mass media major.

As a mass media student, Schmidt encounters experiences in which he has to voice his opinion. From classes to voicing concerns to working in sports, Schmidt is always having to voice his thoughts.

“Sharing my opinions allows me to voice any concerns I have, the ability to ask questions and if I don’t agree with something, it gives me the opportunity to voice why I feel that way and why it should be different,” Schmidt said.

With students at the heart of the campus, it is crucial that concerns are voiced.

“It is your campus,” said Eric Grospitch, the vice president for student life. “I think it’s important that students’ opinions, ideas and thoughts are heard to make sure we are trying to accommodate as best we can.”

On campus, a student can voice his or her opinion in different ways. Class discussions, expressing concerns and involving student media are some of the ways that students can have a voice.

“Most professors are encouraging when it comes to having your own opinion and voice,” Schmidt said. “I’d say in-class discussions are very encouraging.”

Having a classroom that encourages students to make their voices heard is a reflection of how the campus encourages students as well.

“I think an outlet we go to regularly is student government,” Grospitch said. “Since student government focuses on the ideas and issues that impact students as a whole, it is a great place to start.”

Grospitch also encourages students to let him know about any issues on campus.

“I am not in your classrooms. I am not on campus at different times of the day, and so if I don’t know something is broken we can’t try to fix it,” Grospitch said.

Students having a voice on campus is critical to making sure that Washburn is able to support them. Students need to remember they are the heart of Washburn and it is important to have a voice in order to make a difference.

Edited by: Justin Shepard, Ellie Walker