Washburn track and field dominates the scoreboard at mid-week challenge

Megan Allacher (7) and Stacy Briggs (8) keep a steady pace in the 3000. The track meet took place Feb. 12, 2022 in the Washburn Indoor Athletics Facility.

The Washburn track and field team’s hard work and training was evident at the Jason’s Deli Ichabod Invitational Feb 12. The meet served as the last of the indoor season before the MIAA Indoor Championships.

The meet began with the long jump category, where Conner Last placed first with a distance of 7.41 meters, clearing the NCAA DII provisional mark. Josh Hopkins also cleared the same distance, coming in second with a jump of 7.16 meters. Pau Borillo-Febrer came in fifth in the long jump with a distance of 6.81 meters and Alyssa Hutcherson also came in fifth on the women’s side with a jump of 5.37 meters.

In the weight throw event, Washburn came in first thanks to Braden Rose, who threw a distance of 18.61 meters. Rose cleared the DII provisional mark with the win.

Isabella Hohl stepped it up this meet by placing second in the 60-meter dash preliminaries with a time of 7.56 and second in the 60-meter dash finals with a in 7.53 second run.

“I’m really happy with how it went. Compared to where I was last year at this time I only did three indoor meets, and today I just got a new PR, a new school record and I ran a 7.53. With hard work and determination I was able to improve my time a lot from last year,” Hohl said.

On the men’s side, Eric Patterson Jr. pushed the limit in the 60-meter dash preliminaries with a time of 7.03, earning him third place. In the 60-meter dash finals he placed fourth with a time of 7.05. Patterson left everything he had on the track during the 200-meter dash, coming in second with a time of 22.14.

“I think so far it’s gone really well. We’ve had some athletes move themselves up on the national list. . . It’s just another meet where we’re getting to the right point in the year, and they’re starting to feel like they are in the right spot training wise,” said Washburn head coach Cameron Babb.

Chia Okoro came back to the track ready as ever, leaving the competition behind as she placed first in the 400 meter dash with a time of 56.73, earning a spot in the NCAA D2II.

“I felt like I got out strong and finished strong, we’ve been working on our practice,” said Okoro. “I’m going to be working on my first lap for next time, and work on being confident that I can win the race.”

Romain Henry was another notable runner on Saturday. Henry dominated the 60- meter hurdle preliminaries by finishing with a time of 8.15, earning him first place and passing the DII provisional marka NCAA D2 title.

“I was pretty focused. I wanted to go faster honestly. I’ve been working on my starts and I want to focus on the final to be as clean and fast as possible,” said Romain Henry.

In the 60-meter hurdles finals, Henry placed second with a time of 8.13, and Logan Stock came in fifth with a time of 8.42.

Overall, Babb was extremely happy with the progress the team had made. He praised the team for their hard work and perseverance.
“It’s just good to see them hitting their stride at the right time of the year,” Babb said.

Full Results
60-Meter Dash-Prelims
Eric Patterson Jr. – 3rd place – 7.03 seconds
Teondre Carter – 23rd place – 7.37 seconds
60-Meter Dash-Final
Eric Patterson Jr. – 4th place – 7.05 seconds
60-Meter Hurdles-Prelims
Romain Henry – 1st place – 8.15 seconds NCAA D2
Logan Stock – 5th place – 8.42 seconds
200 Dash
Eric Patterson Jr. – 2nd place – 22.14 seconds
Teondre Carter – 20th place – 23.28 seconds
400 Dash
Hunter Hess – 10th place – 50.45 seconds
Jacob Herr – 2nd place – 1:14.93
Gabriel Chinya – 8th place – 1:56.72
Kael Ecord – 21st place – 1:59.90
Troy Grabert – 36th place – 2:09.64
One Mile
Nathan Gray – 15th place – 4:16.99
Gustav Morch – 17th place – 4:19.90
Kael Ecord – 25th place – 4:26.53
Nick Petrella – 11th place – 9:05.38 seconds
Cooper Griffin – 19th place – 9:18.63 seconds
David Kibet – 16th place – 14:43.42 seconds
High Jump
Kyler Kaniper – 13th place – 1.79 metersseconds
Long Jump
Conner Last – 1st place – 7.41 seconds NCAA D2
Josh Hopkins – 2nd place – 7.16 seconds NCAA D2
Pau Borillo-Febrer – 5th place – 6.81 seconds
Logan Stock – 12th place – 6.43 seconds
Shot Put
Braden Rose – 6th place – 15.31 meters
Mitch Miller – 7th place – 14.65 meters
Sam Stranathan – 8th place – 14.40 meters
Jaden Magana – 9th place – 14.35 meters
Justice Akinmoladun – 13th place – 13.19 meters
Weight Throw
Braden Rose – 1st place – 18.61 meters NCAA D2
Mitch Miller – 9th place – 17.18 meters
Sam Stranathan – 10th place – 16.43 meters
Patrick Altenor – 11th place – 15.80 meters
Jaden Magama – 13th place – 15.25 meters
Justice Akinmoladun – 15th place – 15.10 meters
Logan Ayers – 17th place – 15.06 meters
Je’Shon Edwards – 19th place – 13.63 meters
Carl Andrews – 21st place – 12.67 meters
Bradley Breckenridge – 23rd place – 11.66 meters
4X400 Meter Relay
Gabriel Chinya, Kael Ecord, Nathan Gray, Nick Petrella – 5th place – 3:33.23
Isabella Hohl – 2nd place – 7.53 seconds
Isabella Hohl – 2nd place – 7.53 seconds
60-Meter Hurdles
Kylie Ray – 13th place – 9.58 seconds
Taylor Grasser – 15th place – 9.85 seconds
400-Meter Dash
Chia Okoro – 1st place – 56.73 seconds NCAA D2
Lyndsay Stinson – 11th place – 59.64 seconds
Katelyn Jones – 3rd place – 1:29.07 seconds
Elsa Cozine – 15th place – 2:34.93 seconds
One Mile
Lily Johnson – 3rd place – 5:00.45 seconds
Dulce Ayala-Chanez – 14th place – 5:22.46 seconds
Eve Weber – 16th place – 5:23.04 seconds
Kelsie Dent – 18th place – 5:33.44 seconds
Keely Wanger – 19th place – 5:36.83 seconds
Elsa Cozine – 28th place – 5:48.78 seconds
Sierra Mortensen – 8th place – 10:14.24 seconds
Verena Vesely – 13th place – 10:43.08
Luz Lopez-Gonzalez – 18th place – 11:17.12
Megan Allacher – 19th place – 11:19.31
Stacy Briggs – 20th place – 11:19.39
Sierra Mortensen – 16th place – 18:17.57
Long Jump
Alyssa Hutcherson – 5th place – 5.37 meters
Pole Vault
Virgi Scardanzan – 1st place – 3.97 meters NCAA D2
Natalie Lanman – 5th place – 3.52 meters
Tassilyn Bolin – 7th place – 3.37 meters
Triple Jump
Josie Hickerson – 9th place – 10.74 meters
Weight Throw
JahnAsia Anderson – 13th place – 14.20 meters
Paola Castaldi – 14th place – 14.19 meters

Edited by: Glorianna Noland, Kyle Manthe