Ichabods get back to the basics


Aja Carter

Freshman Brianna Buss studies in the Mabee Library. Buss is a radiologic technology major.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic beginning in 2019, Washburn moved their classes to remote-online learning. This year, faculty decided to take on in-person classes, setting social distancing and mask regulations. Yet, some find it difficult adapting to campus-life once again.

Students and faculty have found it harder to form new connections with others while keeping each other safe from the virus. Typical behaviors, such as introducing yourself with a handshake, are now being avoided in the hopes of not spreading the virus further, discouraging many from doing it at all.

“I think that is one of the big challenges in re-acclimating to this COVID world. We have been recalibrating all of those different steps and behaviors that we’ve known for years to be good things, and realizing, oh, wait, but those good things don’t align with COVID policies and could actually cause harm,” said Carson Kay, lecturer of communication studies.

After a year on ZOOM many are re-learning how to interact and communicate once again with their peers.

“Going from ZOOM for so long and losing that interaction with people to now being in a classroom setting, for me, it’s stepping out of my comfort zone,” said Aubrey Wilson, a junior elementary education major. “Before you could turn off your camera and hide behind your screen during ZOOM. I think now, just being able to talk to people and engage with other people instead of just over a screen, is a challenge.”

Washburn offers a multitude of resources for those who need help and would like to stay informed. To access these resources visit Washburn’s Student Health and Safety page.

“I think it’s really important to keep in mind that it’s not just you. Every single person is going through some level of uncertainty regarding how they should be engaging,” Kay said. “Having that forgiveness for yourself, being compassionate with yourself in this process of relearning how to socially engage with people and also just be very open to staying informed of updates.”

Edited by Ellie Walker, Katrina Johnson