Students create club to share Japanese culture


Japanese Club

Japanese club is a new student organization at Washburn. All students are welcome to attend and learn more about Japanese culture.

Japanese Club is a new student organization at Washburn, founded by two students who want to share their love for their country, Japan.

Japan is an island country located off the east coast of Asia. Those who know a little bit about Japan might know that its culture is very different from that of the United States, however, Japanese culture has become a part of America through the popularization of sushi, anime, manga and other Japanese trends.

“We wanted to make a club where we can explore things about Japan. We want to connect with the students here who are interested in our country. A lot of students love anime and Japanese food,” said Justine Gutierrez, the president of Washburn Japanese Club.

Japanese Club meets the first and third Thursdays of every month at 7 p.m. in the Blair room in the Living Learning Center on campus.

At Japanese Club meetings, attendees can play Japanese games, learn about Japanese culture and trends, watch Japanese movies and animation, eat Japanese food and learn some basic Japanese phrases.

“We’re also planning a food trip where we will go to Kansas City and try some Japanese food,” Gutierrez said.

Attending Japanese Club is an excellent way to learn more about another country and culture. Everyone is welcome to attend meetings and be a part of Japanese Club, no matter their nationality.

“We have American students, Japanese students and international students come to Japanese Club,” said Kana Furuichi, vice-president of Japanese Club.

If you’re wanting to get more involved on campus, Japanese Club will welcome you with open arms.

“I think it is good for people who want to make friends [to come],” Gutierrez said.

The Japanese Club Instagram page also highlights Japanese words, phrases and trends.

The next Japanese Club meeting will take place on Thursday, Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. in the Blair room.

Anyone who would like more information on Japanese Club can visit their Bods Connect page or Instagram page.

Edited by Ellie Walker, Simran Shrestha