Bods on the Block: What is your favorite art piece on campus and why?

Megan lynch



Washburn Tower

“I like the Washburn Tower. It’s lighted up at night. It makes me feel so warm. I always walk by it on my way back to Lincoln, and it just calms me down with the lights on.”

James Henry


English Education

Broken Charm Stone

“I don’t know what it’s called. You stumble upon it and it surprises you that it’s there. It’s an interesting natural thing. It reminds me of something from an ancient civilization. There’s some connection to nature that it looks like a seed.”

Jena Harrison


Business Management

Sculptures near Garvey

“They’ve been here for longest and I grew up here. It just reminds me when I was younger. When we would come to the art museum (in Garvey), I always remembered those (sculptures) on campus. They are very vibrant.”

Matthew Christman



Sen. Bob Dole’s Sculpture

“It’s my favorite. I walk by Carnegie and see the sculpture. It’s really cool that it has a lot of history that we actually put it up and have Bob Dole’s come up.”