The Washburn Review

Bods on the Block: do you plan on trick or treating?

October 30, 2018

Yosh Wagoner, freshman, mass media majorI am taking a voice to trick or treat. I will do it in Lawrence. I feel excited. This is one of our favorite holidays for our family, because you go dressed up and have fun with each ot...

Bods on the Block: What is your favorite art piece on campus and why?

October 9, 2018

Megan lynchJuniorNursingWashburn Tower“I like the Washburn Tower. It’s lighted up at night. It makes me feel so warm. I always walk by it on my way back to Lincoln, and it just calms me down with the lights on.”James He...

Bods on the Block: Do you have any hidden talents?

Sarah Miller

September 3, 2018

Ford Harrison, junior religious studies major“I am double-jointed. I can bend all my fingers and wrists all the way back.”Emily Wilson, sophomore psychology major“I have been tap-dancing since junior high. I competed in m...