Bods on the Block: do you plan on trick or treating?

Yosh Wagoner, freshman, mass media major

I am taking a voice to trick or treat. I will do it in Lawrence. I feel excited. This is one of our favorite holidays for our family, because you go dressed up and have fun with each other. It’s more like a family event for me.

Carli Sommerla, junior, occupational therapy assistant major

I plan on trick or teat in some neighborhood close to here with some of the girls. I am exited to go and take some of the candy.

Mary Johnson, senior, music and special education major

I don’t plan on trick or treating on Halloween and it’s more because of my age. I just don’t really feel love to doing to, and I don’t really want to walk around in my Halloween costume.

Roge Lagahid, sophomore, communications major

I don’t plan to do the trick or treating, because I don’t have many friends. The costumes are scary. I probably just give out candy on Halloween and watch some movies.