Washburn hosts “Godzilla vs Kong” movie night to welcome students back


Carley Pert

Let’s watch: Students watch the “Godzilla vs. Kong” while enjoying snacks provided at the event.

On Friday, Aug. 20 at 7 p.m. the movie night showing of Godzilla vs. Kong commenced indoors at the Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center rather than at Yager Stadium as it was originally planned. The reason: thunderstorm watch.

Nevertheless, the event planner, Carissa Johnson, director of student transition and family engagement, pushed on with her mission to curate a safe, fun and lowkey event for students to get out, meet new people and have a low-social interaction opportunity amongst several more intense campus events.

Several factors went into deciding which movie to choose before ultimately coming to a decision.

“I tried to pick something that everyone would enjoy, with a diverse cast, and is somewhat inclusive,” said Johnson. “I’d like students to come and have an opportunity to enjoy themselves and a zero cost option to watch a semi-new blockbuster movie.”

Along with the free movie, popcorn and water bottles were provided to attendees. A handful of volunteers helped to distribute the snacks along with spare masks at the door in order to ensure a safe environment for students, staff and faculty.

Volunteers were excited for the opportunity to help with one of the first big events of the year.

“I’m a freshman so it’s my first big event,” said Raven Petty, who volunteered at the snack table. “It’s a good way to have everyone on campus come together and everyone get to know each other more.”

Edited by: Katrina Johnson and Kyle Manthe