Bod on the Block: Students weigh in on the next level of stimulus

The next level of the stimulus money will include $1,400 for all dependents and members of a household with an income under or at $150,000 per year. How will this impact you and your family?









photo courtesy of Shae Ware

Shae Ware
Sports management
“Well, it wouldn’t really impact me or my family at all. I would not be able to get the new stimulus.”

Photo courtesy of Mason Engelken

Mason Engelken
Kinesiology/Exercise and Rehab
“If I would get the $1,400 stimulus check I would be able to comfortably take care of my rent for almost 5 months. That would make a huge impact on me and I wouldn’t have to work to make any money on top of school and track. So I wouldn’t be as stressed.”









Photo courtesy of Courtney Johnson

Courtney Johnson
Occupational Therapy Assistant Program
“As a student, this check would benefit me in many ways. With the stimulus check, I can use it to fund my college expenses.”









Photo courtesy of Kinsey Kuttler

Kinsey Kuttler
“For me it would probably just help with tuition! That would be a good thing to not have to worry about as much.”









photo courtesy of Gabi Rodriguez

Gabi Rodriguez
Mass Media
“Well, sadly it will not affect me because I will not be eligible for the new stimulus.”









photo courtesy of Jack Hamilton

Jack Hamilton
Legal Studies
“The check would put $1,400 in my pocket, which would be good because the job I am currently working at is not that well paying. I will have some more money to spend, which would be helpful.”










photo courtesy of Ryanne Serrone

Ryanne Serrone
“The check would help me pay my rent for about 6 months, which would be a huge help not having to worry about that.”









photo courtesy of Taylor Grasser

Taylor Grasser
“It would impact me because I could put it towards school. Being a student-athlete and a full-time student makes it difficult to find part time employment because of that schedule. I would be able to use the money either for school or put it into savings and use it for something later down the road.”