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Bods on the block: Do you have any concerns with the COVID vaccine?

photo by Rebecca Lewis

Angela Woods
Theatre and English

“No, I don’t have any issues with it because it seems to be working with a lot of people. Some people do have some reactions to it, but we are all different. Those people with negative reactions may just have some allergic reaction to the vaccine.”




Submitted by Philitia Roshel Juanita Smith

Philitia Roshel Juanita Smith
Surgical Technology

“I don’t have any concerns, but if the vaccine was killing a bunch of people, then yeah I definitely would.”





photo by Rebecca Lewis

Beth Mathews
Graduate Student
Communication and Leadership

“My concern is probably the same as why I wouldn’t get it right now. There is not enough information or research done on this vaccine for me to put it into my body, and the long-term results are not very good.”






photo by Rebecca Lewis

Allison Gust

“Yes. There is not enough information and scientific evidence about this vaccine to make me feel as if it is safe to take. In my opinion, taking something that we are unsure of can do us more harm than good.”





photo by Kyle Manthe

Carl Rorstrom

“I work at the hospital in Hays, Kansas. I have had it, and I had symptoms and such, but it served me fine. I fully recovered from it in a few days, and I haven’t had any side effects.”




photo submitted by Tess Coffindaffer

Tess Coffindaffer
Forensic Chemistry

“I do not have any concerns. I know that people usually feel ill for a day or two afterward but feeling sick for a bit is far better than getting the virus and risking serious complications.”




photo by Rebecca Lewis

Kristina Sharpton
Criminal Justice

“Yes, I have concerns regarding the Covid-19 vaccine. There isn’t enough information for me to know if it could cause harm to me or not. Yes, we need a vaccine, but we also need to make sure that this vaccine is scientifically sound before we give it to the population.”




Dan Webb

photo by Kyle Manthe

Dan Webb
Building Technology

“Not really, I’m not going to be one of the first people to get it, so I will probably be able to find out if there are any other people having side effects by that time.”