Getting to know Tyas Martin

Washburn Athletics, for many years has relied on the quality play of its senior athletes. Like all other years, this year is no different. In football, senior linebackers, Derrick McGreevy and Austin Tillman led the defense and the volleyball team was led by senior setter, Shayla Conner. The basketball team carries that same trait. Senior guard Javion Blake and senior forward David Salach help lead the team but there is one person that is a major staple to the basketball team that does not get as much press. His name is Tyas Martin.

Martin, a senior guard, grew up in Wichita, Kansas with his parents, Toby Martin and Nicole and Jerrod Childers. This is where he found the love of basketball. In Wichita, he attended Wichita East High School.  Martin was a standout athlete for the Blue Aces, being an all-state honorable mention his senior year in basketball. 

Here at Washburn, he has found his home away from home. Over his career he has averaged steady 5.9 points per game.  During his senior season, Martin has almost doubled his scoring output to 9.4 points a game. Even though he is an excellent player on the court, Blake believes that his leadership is what makes him standout from the rest.

“He has a great attitude every day. He has been a leader here for four years now. I can always depend on Tyas on offense and most importantly defense. I go to him all of the time. He brings that element of toughness and hustle to our team that we really need,” Blake said.  

To play a sport at the collegiate level means more than just playing a sport, you have to love the game. Martin knows that the game he loves to play does not last forever.

“I love to compete. This game doesn’t last forever so it is one thing that you have to cherish and spend time with your teammates. We are together all the time, we hangout all of the time which is a fun situation,” Martin said.

What originally drew Martin to Washburn was more than just basketball. Before Martin played in Lee Arena, his grandfather came to know former head coach Bob Chipman fairly well.

“My grandpa went here, and he knew Chip, so we came down to play a game of pickup [basketball]. Chip liked what he saw that day, so he offered me a scholarship to come play here. I loved the guys that were on the team, so it was really a no-brainer to come here,” Martin said. 

As everyone knows, Topeka is not the most exciting place in the world to live. When it comes to free time, Tyas and other male athletes have to work with what they have. Tyas spends his time playing video games with his friends from Wichita and hangout with his teammates.

“I like to play video games with my friends back home, and hangout with our teammates. I’m a simple guy, I don’t really like to be too extravagant,” Martin said.

Martin and the team have improved their record to 13-3 on the year. The Blue Ace from Wichita East is sure to make an impact for the team throughout the rest of the season.