Johnson, Sedgwick, and Wyandotte Counties top 3 in COVID numbers – COVID-19 numbers from Washburn and the state of Kansas: Updated 12/04/2020 #StopTheSpread


This information comes from Washburn Student Health. The current COVID-19 numbers at Washburn University are updated by Washburn every Monday.
Reported total new positive tests (Nov. 21 – Nov. 27): 17 (- 3 from last time)
Total new quarantined/isolated (Nov. 21 – Nov. 27): 35 (- 55 from last time)
Total clusters* (Nov. 21 – Nov. 27): 0 (- 0 from last time)
*Clusters are defined as five or more confirmed cases of COVID-19 originating from the same source or event


Numbers from around the state of Kansas provided by the Reno County Health Department.
Total Kansas Positive Cases (as of Dec. 4): 154,294
Total Kansas Deaths (as of Dec. 4): 1,581
Total Kansas Recovery Cases (as of Dec. 4): 101,416 (52,878 Kansans still positive with COVID-19)
Hot spots around the state.
Douglas County*: 5,033 cases | 27 deaths | 3,935 recovered | 1,098 still positive for COVID-19
*Largest city: Lawrence
Finney County*: 4,846 cases | 28 deaths | 3,946 recovered | 900 still positive for COVID-19
*Largest city: Garden City
Ford County*: 4,650 cases | 13 deaths | 3,081 recovered | 1,569 still positive for COVID-19
*Largest city: Dodge City
Johnson County*: 25,107 cases | 294 deaths | 11,194 recovered | 13,913 still positive for COVID-19
*Largest city: Olathe
Leavenworth County*: 3,756 cases | 32 deaths | 3,261 recovered | 495 still positive for COVID-19
*Largest city: Leavenworth
Riley County*: 3,780 cases | 16 deaths | 3,373 recovered | 407 still positive for COVID-19
*Largest city: Manhattan
Shawnee County*: 7,939 cases | 143 deaths | 3,538 recovered | 4,401 still positive for COVID-19
*Largest city: Topeka
Sedgwick County*: 24,596 cases | 172 deaths | 11,194 recovered | 13,402 still positive for COVID-19
*Largest city: Wichita
Seward County*: 3,071 cases | 13 deaths | 2,603 recovered | 468 still positive for COVID-19
*Largest city: Liberal
Wyandotte County*: 11,259 cases | 183 deaths | 7,950 recovered | 3,309 still positive for COVID-19
*Largest city: Kansas City


COVID-19 symptoms:
Fever above 100.3 F and/or chills or feeling hot (if no thermometer available)
Sore throat
New cough not related to a chronic condition
Runny/stuffy nose, nasal congestion (not related to allergies or relieved by antihistamines)
Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath
Diarrhea with or without respiratory symptoms
Nausea and/or vomiting
Headache unrelated to a chronic condition
Muscle aches
Loss of sense of smell or taste
New rash/skin changes or COVID-19 toes
Pink eye


If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these symptoms please call Student Health Services at (785) 670-1470. Also if you need to self-report, please contact Student Health Services of any possible exposure or symptoms by calling their office number or by emailing them at [email protected] or you can fill out the self-reporting form and if you’re a student living in the dorms, you can report your possible exposure or symptoms to Residential Living. Also if you would like to get tested you can go to the “It’s Up To Us, Kansas” website for more information (note links).