In the Stands: Vick is sick prick

ReAnne Utemark

I’ve tried to be vegetarian. It never turns out well. I usually end up bingeing on a double cheeseburger from any place that’s open at 1 a.m. when I finally give in to the call of dead cow. I really wish I could be vegetarian, though. The practices of factory farms are horrific and those involved all deserve to be put in the tiny cages they keep their animals in. However, on a whole other plane of animal abuse and general inhumanity, is Michael Vick.

I am sure you are all tired of hearing about the fantastic brutality committed by Vick. Oh, and in case you didn’t catch it from before: I think he did it. I think he did help kill dogs who lost, etc. But dogs weren’t the only victims.

Professional sports have been overwhelmed with allegations of doping, drugging and anything else that will improve performance. As well, stories abound about college players being arrested for rape and assault. At least Vick gave us something new to talk about.

The publicity of his dogfighting ring has thrown another unflattering shade of limelight on professional sports. With preseason games already underway, the Atlanta Falcons have to start their season with this hanging over their heads. Not only do they have to deal with the bad press, but they also have to deal with whether or not Vick is going to be on the team. If he doesn’t take the plea bargain and takes his chances with the legal system, there is a chance he would be able to play football again. No matter how talented he is, though, whenever he steps on the field, the commentators will remind the audience of the allegations.

Vick has also made it to international news, which gives American sports a terrible name all over the world. In a recent edition of the Economist, an article about Vick mentioned, among other things, the “rape stand” that was found in the house. The rape stand is used to tie down unwilling female dogs so they can be forcibly mated. At the end of the article, they called for harsh penalties for Vick. Deservedly.

Perhaps I am so angry because I don’t understand it. I wasn’t raised to think of dogs as tools for cruel entertainment. In some places, dogfighting is commonplace. I can’t even attempt to fathom what kind of entertainment value someone can find in dogfighting. Vick is the worst kind of person. It strikes me that he probably thinks most other beings, be they dogs or people, are there for his entertainment. Throughout his interviews, he seems to have a sense of entitlement. Like he should be allowed to do this because he is Michael Vick, professional football player.

I don’t think this about all football players, or about all professional athletes. Nevertheless, no one, least of all a professional athlete, is above the law. The plea bargain is too easy on him. Let him rot in prison for a while. While I do feel guilty for eating the cheeseburger, I think Vick should be punished to the full extent of the law.