Hillary’s campaign must weather latest funding storm

ReAnne Utemark

There are few politicians who could be considered bulletproof. Mark Foley is just one name among hundreds of others that have been smeared across the proverbial canvas of the continuous political boxing match in Washington, D.C.

On the other hand, Teddy Kennedy’s survival of his spectacular performance at Chappaquiddick comes to mind as one whose career has stayed intact despite sensational stories being shouted via every voice available to the press.

Salacious mischief committed by husbands and creating modern mutant monarchies might be the only things the Clintons and the Kennedys have in common.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president has been going extraordinarily well, considering some of her obstacles. These obstacles include a likeable senator from Illinois and the sheer anti-Hillary sentiment because she is Hillary.

Despite that, she still leads the polls in states like Ohio and South Carolina. An Associated Press article from last week reported results from the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute who polled 1,430 Ohio voters from Aug. 28 through Sept. 3. This was during the breaking news she had accepted money from Norman Hsu, a felon who fled (again) after the announcement. On Sept. 8, he was found on a train in California. Now, Mr. Hsu not only donated to the Clinton campaign, but also to the Obama campaign.

Even though Hillary is still riding high on some polls, sniffing around campaign finances will hurt her more.

People are looking for reasons to dislike Hillary. It seems the only reason democrats are not rallying behind Obama more is he has not had the experience in politics the other candidates have.

There are several Web sites, mostly alternative media, calling shenanigans when it comes to Hillary’s campaign money. One such Web site is www.hillcap.org, the Hillary Clinton Accountability Project. It claims one of her biggest donors, businessman Peter Franklin Paul, is revealing her illegal use of campaign funds.

The blogs are jumping into the discussion as well. A blogger on the Huffington Post, a collection of news and opinion blogs, discussed Hillary’s day in court with Paul. He said the court should rule in a few weeks.

This news delving into Hillary’s campaign monies rather than hardly anyone else’s is going to hurt her chances of making it to the White House in ’08. Traditional media is slowly going to move its bloated, over-commercialized mass to cover the story at some point. Hopefully. Although, this is desired from a media quick to capitalize on Bush and Cheney in cahoots with Halliburton, but not this issue.

The only problem is, if not Hillary, who else in ’08?