Welcome Week events in a nutshell

Nicholas Soloman

As a new fall semester begins, Washburn University always has a long standing tradition of hosting a welcome week. Starting on move in day, several events take place over a seven day period, all excellent opportunities aiming to help students get involved, meet other students as well as faculty and staff and discover Washburn in more detail.

Thursday, Aug. 15th

Parent & Family Resource Table /11 A.M. – 1 P.M. / Memorial Union

In the first welcome week event, sponsored by Washburn’s Student Transition & Family Engagement, this event is an excellent opportunity for parents, as well as family members of students to get a Welcome Week schedule on paper, as well as learning about the on-campus resources (one example being financial services), and most importantly, have final questions answered.

Welcome Back Buffet / 11 A.M. – 1:30 P.M. / Memorial Union

Taking place at Washburn A/B in the Memorial Union, Students and their Families are invited to have a meal after finishing up move-in. Includes foods like chicken breast, hamburgers, as well as things like salad and cookies, with water and iced tea provided as well. Admission can be purchased in advance at the corner store, and at the door as well, for $10.50, and $12.50 for the latter.

Playfair / 6-7:30 P.M. / SRWC

Taking place at Washburn’s Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC), Playfair is an excellent opportunity to meet your fellow Ichabods, be part of the school spirit and make friends fast!

Rock the Rec / 7:30-9:30 P.M. / SRWC

Occurring soon after Playfair, Rock the Rec is an opportunity to hang out with fellow ichabods, get freebies like food and tshirts, as well as play some basketball, volleyball, as well as dodgeball, and carnival games, and even a group exercise and an opportunity to try out the Rec’s the rock wall, and get to meet some of the Rec’s excellent staff.

Residence Hall Meetings / 10 P.M.

For the last meeting of the night, students who live on campus have their first residence hall meeting of the year, giving them an opportunity to meet their new neighbors as well as meeting their RA.

Friday, Aug. 16

Mabee Library Meet & Greet / 9-10 A.M. / Mabee Library

At this event, students will be given the opportunity to visit Mabee Library, undisputedly one of the absolute best resources Washburn has to offer. You’ll be able to meet the awesome faculty and the staff. This is an excellent resource for every major, and Washburn Trivia will he held as well.

Navigate My Schedule / 10 A.M. – Noon / Mabee Library

Prior to knowing their way around campus like it’s nothing, every Washburn student who has experienced their first few weeks on campus knows the struggle of not knowing your way around a maze-like campus. Also taking place at Mabee, this incredibly helpful event will give you the opportunity to have a current Washburn student show you where your classes are, as well as show you a daily schedule.

Open House: School of Applied Studies / 1-2 P.M. / Benton 211

Applied Studies, which consists of majors Allied Health, Criminal Justice, Legal Studies, Human Services and Social Work is one of the biggest parts of Washburn, and this is an opportunity to explore those majors, as well as to meet advising staff, faculty and current students to learn more about the community, and the opportunities that come with your major.

Get the Scoop: College of Arts and Sciences / 1-2 P.M. (Lincoln) 2-3 P.M. (LLC)

Taking place at Lincoln Hall then at the LLC, this event will give students the opportunity to meet faculty and current students inhabiting the college (Psychology, Art, Mass Media, etc.) handing out free ice cream sandwiches, as well as to discuss things such as career paths, and invaluable job skills.

Pop In w/ School of Nursing / 2-2:45 P.M. / Petro 204

This event invites Nursing students to come to Petro Allied Health, where they can get to meet current Nursing students as well as faculty, and an opportunity to discuss and ask questions.

Open House: School of Business / 2-3 P.M. / 3rd Floor Henderson

Come to this open house and meet the faculty of Washburn’s Business school! There you can learn about their student organizations, as well as get a free shirt and food.

Outdoor Movie: Avengers: Endgame / 8-10 P.M. / Yager Stadium

For Friday’s final event, students faculty and staff are encouraged to come to Yager, to enjoy the latest Avengers film on the Jumbotron. Hang out with friends, and get a free movie out of the deal!

Saturday, Aug. 17th

Navigate my Schedule / 10 A.M. – Noon / Lincoln, LLC, Memorial Union

This event gives students the opportunity to have a current Washburn student show you where your classes are, as well as show you a daily schedule.

Shunga Trail Ride: Topeka Metro Bikes /4-5 P.M. / Henderson Entrance

Lead by Topeka Metro Bikes, students are invited to a 5-mile bike ride on the Shunga Trail, with the first 25 going the distance getting a free helmet.

Casino Night / 7-10 P.M. / Memorial Union

Shoot craps, as well as things like blackjack, poker and the roulette wheel, and many more, as well as being provided mocktails and snacks, and even live entertainment, all for free.

Sunday, Aug. 18

Washburn Athletics Kickoff BBQ /6-8 P.M. / Lee Arena

Everyone is invited to join the 30th annual BBQ kickoff at Lee Arena. The night includes giveaways, beverages and food, as well as insight into Washburn’s athletic programs.

Sundaes on Sunday / 6-7 P.M. / Union Market

Hosted by Residential Living, you can make your own sundae, and wind down before your first day of college

Comedian Jon Raymond Fisher / 7-8:30 P.M. / Memorial Union Washburn A/B

Coming to Washburn A/B, Jon Raymond Fisher is a musical comedian like Flight of the Conchords and Bo Burnham. Having shared a stage with the likes of Hannibal Buress, this guy will be a joy to watch.

Monday, Aug. 19

Transfer Student Welcome / 1-2:30 P.M. / Memorial Union Shawnee Room

Sponsored by Student Transition & Family Engagement as well as Phi Theta Kappa Alumni of Washburn University (PTKAW), Transfer students are invited to the Memorial Union to meet other transfer students for dessert, as well as meet current students and staff to assist them on their transfer, as well as answer questions.

Community Involvement Fair / 6-7 P.M. / Memorial Union Washburn A/B

The involvement fair is an excellent way to get involved in the community: learn about the community at large, and learn about the different ways you can engage in the Topeka community as well.

Tuesday, Aug. 19

WU Fest / 5-8:30 P.M. / Lee Arena & East Union Lawn

Celebrate the new school year! With the Dancing Blues, University Marching Band, Athletics Coaches and larger WU Community to learn the fight song, alma mater, cheers and more, as well as games, music, food, and students from Washburn’s student organizations and clubs.

Ichabod’s Birthday: Scorch on the Porch / 11 A.M. – 1 P.M. / Memorial Union

Celebrate founder Ichabod Washburn’s birthday with Washburn Tradition, Scorch on the Porch. There will be $5.50 meal deals, as well as giveaways, ice cream, and live entertainment! This is an excellent opportunity to go to this Washburn mainstay for the first time.

Veteran & Adult Learners’ Coffee Break / 3-5 P.M. / Mabee 105

Millitary, Veterans and adult students come join Mabee for a relaxed fit coffee break in the library.

Perfect Party / 7-8 P.M. / Washburn A/B

Students get an excellent opportunity have their first party at Washburn, to come meet new people, and win prizes!

Wednesday, Aug. 20

University Convocation / 4-5 P.M. / White Concert Hall

A Washburn Tradition, all staff, faculty and students are invited to attend as new students are welcomed to Washburn by President Jerry Farley into their Washburn Experience.

Edited by: Joelle Conway, Adam White