Who is the Ichabod?

Joelle Conway

Washburn University was once Lincoln College. Lincoln College was established in 1865. However, after a very generous donation of $25,000 from Ichabod Washburn, an industrialist from Massachusetts, Lincoln College was renamed Washburn University.

 Washburn University had no official athletic teams until the late 1800s. The teams did not have a mascot until 1904 when the baseball team was called the “Sons of Ichabod” in the first edition of The Kaw Yearbook. The following years, the football and baseball teams were referred to as the “Sons of Ichabod.” In 1938, Bradbury Thompson created the first graphic of the Ichabod for a design contest hosted by the Kaw Yearbook. Thompson was inspired by the real Washburn Ichabod’s attire and personality, as well as characteristics he believed Washburn University possessed.

 In the Kaw Yearbook, Thompson explained his design as: “He has courage and enthusiasm, as shown by his brisk walk. His is democratic and courteous, for he tips his hat as he passes. Sincere in his search for truth and knowledge, he studiously carries a book under his arm. His friendly smile makes you like him. He is neatly dressed and he fits well with his generation, but he adapts himself with equal ease to any change or any age.”

For many Washburn students, being an Ichabod is prideful. A unique figure that is more than just a mascot to the Washburn community, the Ichabod brings people together.

 Tierney Kester, sophomore forensic investigations and philosophy major, related being an Ichabod comes with a unity among students, faculty and alumni.

 “Being an Ichabod means living and learning in a place where I am supported as an individual and student,” said Kester.

Kester continued, “My favorite part of Washburn is walking to class and seeing familiar faces say ‘hey!’ every day and knowing I’m in a community of people that care about each other.”

Michael Guerro, senior computer information science major and WSGA President, thinks of an Ichabod as a person who is open-minded, yet passionate toward what they believe in.

 “To me, being an Ichabod is being an active member in the community and on campus. It also means being an individual who is respectful and open to change, but also someone who sticks up for what they think is right when need be,” said Guerro.

Our university’s mascot has been mentioned as one of the most original sports mascots by multiple media outlets. The Ichabods are unlike any other.

Edited by Adam White and Abbie Barth