‘Whitest Kids U’ Know’ dish out laughs

ReAnne Utemark

If you do not like offensive things, then stop reading right now.

Not that this article will be offensive, but it is about something so incredibly offensive that those faint of heart should avoid the subject matter.

The Whitest Kids U’ Know is a comedy troupe out of New York City that currently has a show on the Independent Film Channel. While “Saturday Night Live” sucks now, at least it does not talk about baby skull-seeking bullets. In context, this was a point/counterpoint sketch involving discussion of the banning of assault weapons.

WKUK started with head writer Trevor Moore, who began writing and publishing comics at the age of 12. According to the WKUK Web site, Moore moved to Los Angeles to write “The Trevor Moore Show.” This show was eventually cancelled because of offensive content. Gradually, the rest of the troupe fell into place in New York City.

The move from writing sketches to IFC is not clear, but the troupe eventually made its way to the small screen, although many watched it on the Internet. Internet sketches and early classics include “Hitler Rap,” which is Hitler coming back with rims, and “Pregnancy Test,” a nice sketch of a couple waiting to see if they are going to have a baby, but the woman has actually urinated on an iPod shuffle.

The recently released first season on DVD includes some of the early Internet sketches and new ones broadcast on IFC. While some are hysterical and kind of clean, there are others that are so horrifically offensive that one wonders if they are committing some sin simply watching them. The benign shows include “Timmy Dance,” a short including rotund troupe member Timmy dancing around in just his underwear. The more offensive ones include a song about getting a new daddy via means that should not be repeated in print. If one is interested, visit the Web site or rent the DVD.

The troupe’s silliness recalls the early years of sketch comedy, particularly of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, only without the cartoons and the British accents. Although Flying Circus only occasionally had nudity, the DVD version of the show has nudity, profanity, glory holes, delinquency and eating disorders, among others.

I’m not sure if this is something that should be recommended to anyone. If you are a fan of Super Troopers or other anything else that would make you embarrassed to tell your mother, then this is for you. If you think jokes about killing the president, farting, divorce and “heavy petting” are not funny, then this is definitely not for you.

To get a taste of WKUK, check out their Web site at www.whitestkids.com.