CaddyStacks tees-off second year

Richard Kelly

Most people have heard the cardinal rule: “be quiet while you’re in the library.” But this past Wednesday and Saturday, Mabee Library hosted Caddystacks, where the cardinal rule became “be quiet while someone else is putting.”

For its second year, Caddystacks brought an 18-hole mini-golf course to the three floors of Mabee Library. The idea was a spin-off of an idea from a university in the northeast United States. As players advanced through the course, the idea is to raise awareness in both students and the public about library facilities. Besides playing the course, participants could buy baked goods that were being sold. All money went toward Mabee Library.

On both Wednesday and Saturday, a six-person tournament was held. On Wednesday, the tournament became a heated battle among couples, pinning Kurtis Wiard, Jenny Mills, ReAnne Utemark, Brandon Wentz, Sarah Madle and William Arasmith against each other. The grand prize was a Nintendo Wii. Second place received a flip-video camera, and third place doled-out a family four-pack to Westridge Lanes. Arasmith was the winner of Wednesday’s event, with second going to Wiard, and third place going to Wentz.

Saturday was also a very competitive tournament. The six competitors were Ben Sallee, Lori Williams, Brian Long, Kristin Long, Wiard, and KC Williams. Sallee had attended the year before, and his score to get into the tournament was an impressive 37.

“I got a hole in one on the hole with the volcano, and also the hole that flips over,” said Sallee. “I knew some of the tricks, since I was here last year too.”

At the end of the 18th hole, there was a tie for second place among Sallee, Long and Lori Willams. Following a tie-breaker round, winners were determined and prizes awarded. First place prize went to Wiard, second Long and third place going to Williams. KC Williams, Sallee, and Long were also given prizes.

As of Saturday, final counts had not yet been made as to the amount of funding raised from the event. CaddyStacks saw approximately 55 people between the two days. After the event was all over, Marj Murray, a library assistant, had positive remarks.

“It’s been a good time and fun for all involved,” said Murray.