One top hat to rule them all

Richard Kelly

It all ended with the crowning of the king and queen.

Washburn’s Homecoming Week was filled with twists and turns, with running across campus in 30 degree weather, with cake decorating and all leading to the halftime ceremony at the Washburn football game Saturday. That’s when king and queen of royalty were announced to be Angel Romero and Nicole Perkuhn, who are both seniors.

Each were in utter disbelief as they accepted their award. For Romero, his nomination came from Mortar Board senior honors society and for Perkuhn, the Washburn Sales and Marketing Representatives. For Perkuhn, it’s something that she would have never envisioned four years ago.

“That would never have crossed my mind that I could be out there, even just as one of the nominees,” said Perkuhn. “I came out here to play softball and I just had the opportunity to get involved found my way through different friends.”

For Romero, the experience carried much the same feeling. When he came to the university four years ago, he was quite a bit more shy but flourished during his time at Washburn. With this award, it’s just an indication of the branching out that took place.

“It’s just amazing; I just have to keep pinching myself all the time. It’s humbling to know that this happened,” said Romero.

Perkuhn and Romero have been very involved at the university. Their list of activities each has been involved in is quite extensive. But for each, this experience is near the very top and is almost insurmountable to surpass.

“Of all great experiences I’ve had, I think this one is going to stand out for sure and I’m always going to remember it,” said Romero.

Perkuhn’s sentiments of the whole Homecoming week itself were similar.

“This week was so great. Just all the things we were able to do and the experience itself. All-in-all, the whole package was amazing.”

Matt Hall, junior, was also a nominee to win the Homecoming king and also just saw the experience itself as an honor and valued the memories he’ll have of the week. He was also quick to note that when he began as a freshman, he too could’ve never envisioned even being a candidate for Homecoming.

“It’s fun because it’s like a competition, but we had so much fun this week. I knew most of the candidates and we just had a blast,” said Hall.

And for anyone who doesn’t think they have what it takes to be queen or king, Perkuhn offered some words of advice.

“I think just seeing people out there gives people the thought that ‘hey, that is something I can do,” said Perkuhn. “If anything, it just gives a desire to get involved and get in different organizations.”