Students learn when to hold, when to fold at Casino Night

Spin the black circle Students play the roulette wheel during Washburn’s Casino Night August 18. The university’s Campus Activity Board sponsored the event.

 Last Saturday, students started entering the Washburn Room to see it transformed into a casino for a night of fun and gambling.

Though there wasn’t any gambling of money, prizes were on the line.

Casino night, hosted by the Washburn University Campus Activity Board, was crowded with WU students around every table.

The dealers, who were mainly S.O.C.S., set up at ev ery table ready for students to sit down and become part of a gambling tradition of 12 years.

These S.O.C.S., only trained on their game for 30 minutes, stealthily dealt out their cards to the student play ers.

The chips weren’t based on money but raffle tickets for prizes. There were four ma jor prizes consisting of a T.V., mini fridge, Mr. Coffee maker set, and a Nook. Smaller priz es consisted of cups, t-shirts, a DVD player and laundry bas ket.

With 21 blackjack tables, seven Texas Hold’em poker ta bles, two craps tables, and one roulette table along with one Plinko set up, there were plen ty of ways to spend the chips given to the hands of students.

The intentions of the night were rather innocent consid ering the overall theme of ca sinos; it was simply to enjoy the night that was given to the students, to mingle with every one, and maybe win some cool prizes.

Jack ‘n Aces LLC helped the event get rolling with their casino equipment and pro fessional dealers teaching the games to the soon to be dealers of the night.

However, one dealer didn’t need to be trained. El len Clark, sophomore, started playing blackjack at a young age.

“I’ve been playing black jack since I was four. My grandpa taught me how to play,” said Clark.

Blackjack, being a rela tively simple game to play, was taught to many by Clark at the event.

The dealer deals out cards to everyone at the table. In this game, the player’s only opponent is the deal er. After the dealer deals to everyone at the table, they take a card for themselves and place it face down. Then everyone re ceives another round of cards.

After the dealer places one card facing up, they will turn to the first player, asking them to “hit” or “stay”. “Hit” means to take another card, with the whole point of the game being to get as close to or at 21 points.

Face cards are worth 10 points, which are your basic King, Queen and Jack. Ace is worth one or 11 points debating on the play ers other cards. Side note, if the player gets one face card and one ace they win automat ically.

So if the player chooses to “stay” instead of “hit”, then the player has chosen not to take another card.

The dealer, after revealing what they have, may only hit if they have 16 or under, 17 and above means they have to stay.

If the player goes over 21 they “bust”, therefore losing the game. If the player has less than the amount of the dealer, they lose.

There are different vari ations to the game depending upon who the dealer is and who the players are.

Overall Casino Night seemed to be a successful night of fun and frolic for students who attended.