One-on-One with Finance Society’s Rizki Aljupri

Over the weekend I took up a conversation with Washburn Finance Society’s current president, Rizki Aljupri, regarding Washburn’s School of Business Homecoming Banquet. Aljupri is a senior business and management major and was eager to share news about the banquet that he had helped organize the previous Saturday. The banquet took place October 27, in the Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center and was held in hopes to provide business students with the tools they need to succeed in their field.

“[The banquet] was made for business majors to get to know each other better,” says Aljupri.

The attendees received a free meal as well as valuable knowledge to plan their future. The defined purpose of the event was to benefit the experience of the business students by letting them mingle with their fellow students, professors, and local employers that are in attendance.

“Underclassmen get to know the upper division professors of business,” says Aljupri, “and upperclassmen get to work with local employers.”

The attending students were fortunate enough to receive the advice of the seasoned business professors such as Dr. Pryor, Dr. Juma, Dr. Florea, Dr. Schmidt, and Dr. Moore. Many of the professors, such as professor of marketing, Dr. Susie Pryor, expressed Aljupri‘s the same enthusiasm for the event.

“Ideas ranged from focusing on social and cultural contributions to their firms and communities, remaining innovative, anticipating changes and unique opportunities in their fields,” said Dr. Pryor, “[while] pursuing their passions, and maintaining and utilizing their social networks.”

In addition, the Washburn Financial society set up this event promote donations to Junior Achievement of Kansas, as well as fundraising to organize a spring trip for three students to represent Washburn’s School of Business at business conference taking place in New York. The Global Asset Management Education, or GAME Forum, is a meeting for finance students from a universities throughout the United States. The conference is intended to let the students meet with their peers and discuss the global market and enterprise.

“Overall, I think it was a successful event.” says Aljupri, “Yet, we expect a higher turnout for the next banquet, since it was the first time we did this kind of event.”

The spring banquet of which Aljupri refers to will be hosted by Career Services and will be held the same day as their Career Fair. The date has yet be released.