The Washburn Review

Adjuncts vital to Washburn education, faculty

Jena Dean

May 10, 2016

Washburn University is home to a multitude of instructors that teach undergraduate and graduate classes, conduct research through the university and are involved in the daily lives of students. But more than 260 of these instructors...

New officers selected at final faculty senate meeting

Kenzie McCoy

May 3, 2016

The faculty senate meeting began with a familiar college scene, except instead of students, Henderson 112 was filled by faculty members. Faculty members walked into a large classroom one by one, with many taking seats near the...

Washburn in the process of hiring new archeologist

Kenzie McCoy

March 10, 2016

Margaret Wood worked at Washburn for 13 years before leaving in December of 2015. Wood began working at Washburn in 2002 and spent her time working as an archeologist and improved the archeology emphasis in the anthropology/socio...