Artist professes love for ceramics

Three dimensional art, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking and photography are all aspects of art that senior Eleanor Heimbaugh has enjoyed perfecting within her time in the art department.

A collection of Heimbaugh’s work, entitled “Artifacts of Reflection” is currently on display in the art building.

Heimbaugh began her journey at WU, in the fall of 2009, directly after high school. Heimbaugh never switched majors and four short years later, is preparing to graduate with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Although Heimbaugh enjoys many of the aspects of art above, ceramics is and has been her main emphasis.

After graduation, Heimbaugh is hopeful to attend graduate school and earn her Master of Fine Arts. Along with Heimbaugh, two of her professors are optimistic about the future.

“She is an excellent student,” said Azyz Sharafy, assistant professor of art. “There is no second thought about it.”

Heimbaugh isn’t new to having her work displayed, including previous work in the Mulvane Art Museum’s student showcase for the past three years. Heimbaugh’s works have also been displayed in national and international exhibitions.

“I think it’s a very successful, professional and very good exhibition,”  said Sharafy.

Michael Hager, assistant professor, teaches printmaking and sculpture courses. Hager has had Heimbaugh in two classes and highly recommends  Heimbaugh to anyone who asks.

“I think the word is- she got it, and it doesn’t happen too often when that particular light bulb goes off in a students head, as early as it did for her anyway,” said Hager.

Heimbaugh was exposed to art at a young age, as her mother was a fiber artist. Even with the young exposure, Heimbaugh didn’t seriously consider  pursuing art until her junior year of high school.

“I chose not to have specific titles with the exhibition because I didn’t want the viewer to have a pre-conceived idea of what they were seeing,” said Heimbaugh.

Heimbaugh wants to play an active role in the ceramics community and aspires to share her love for ceramics, whether that be displaying her work or teaching the techniques behind it.

“I want the viewer to really question what they are looking at,” said Heimbaugh. “I want them to take that second look.”

The exhibit will remain displayed throughout Feb. 1. This date is also the date of the closing reception for the exhibit.

The closing reception will begin at 5:30 p.m. and end at 8:30 p.m. Those interested in learning more about the exhibit, or artist, before Feb. 1, may attend the gallery talk. The talk takes place Jan. 30 at noon in the art building.

Heimbaugh also has a website displaying more of her art work at

Those interested may check out “Artifacts of Reflection” between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The exhibit is displayed in the John R. Adams Gallery of the Washburn University Art Building. The Art Building is located at 1746 SW Durow Dr.