‘Electra’ plays again this weekend

This weekend, I went to the premiere of “Electra,” the theatre department’s fourth play of the year.

Ten years after witnessing her mother, Queen Clytemnestra, and lover, Aegisthus murdering King Agamemnon’s, Electra’s father, Electra’s desire for revenge leads her to desire bloody action.

Overall, the play was fantastic. The acting was great. Electra, played by Samantha Heath, had great expressions and mannerisms.

The stage, though very minimalistic, was set outside the house and did not draw away form the acting. The set had a ‘less is more’ aspect to it.

The only criticism I have is the costumes. They threw me off and it took me awhile to get beyond the oddity of the costumes and get into the fictive world of the play. I did not understand why the characters would be wearing such ‘fancy,’ prom-like clothes in the morning before the sun had risen as the setting of the play.

The costume of Clytemnestra, the mother of Electra played by Arissa Utemark, though my favorite character wore my least favorite costume. Wearing a full body nude leotard with a baby blue tunic that only covered the front and back with a very large tribal looking necklace.

Also, some of the accessories of he characters were wearing were out of this world. Electra’s duct tape color, Chrysothemis’ (Lexi Lemons) Chinese style umbrella and Clytemnestra’s necklace are just a couple of examples.

If you would like to see Electra, you can go see it at 7:30 p.m. April 26 and 27 and 2 p.m. April 28. the play is free to Washburn students with Washburn ID and $8 to the general public.