Stage rocked by Quake! play

The Washburn theatre department opened their most recent production, Quake!, on Sept 5. Though this play has a rather unusual script and a dark theme to it, they pulled it off in tremendous ways.

The play followed a young woman named Lucy who was searching for love and found it in all the wrong places. Lucy was played by Ashley Vaughan, who brought a sweet and sinister look to love. She had the go get ‘em attitude that would be expected, but she was still a surprise throughout the production.

community members alike.

She encountered many men, from a nice guy, to an extremely scary and vulgar man. These characters were played by Dané Shobe, who brought an extremely forceful, and occasionally humor filled feel to this production.

rather psychotic character. She was an astrophysicist gone crazy that began to kill men.

possibilities that could be found within the relationships.

Although it was easy to get caught up in the path of Lucy’s loves, one more character must be accounted for in this tedious story. This is the person who Lucy admired, followed, and all around just wanted to be. She was a deranged woman and a

Why did she kill? Not because she hated men, but because she loved them too much. This power-filled character was played by Heather Ives, who brought a great look and dialogue to the production.

The cast, along with the great script, had the audience on their toes wondering what would happen to Lucy next. Would she find her big love? Or would she crash and burn, searching for something unreachable?

Throughout the story, each character took over the attention of the audience. Things were shown from many different perspectives, which enabled viewers to see the true

Quake showed at Washburn Sept. 5, 6, 7 & 8 at 7:30 p.m. and Sept. 9 at 2 p.m.