Washburn hires new director of student service center

As students walk into the Student Service Center office of Washburn University, the atmosphere surrounds them with its energy and the staff greets students right away doing their best to help students. This aspect plays an important role in meeting the purposes of the student service office.

Angela Duncan has recently moved up the career ladder from being an assistant director of admissions to director of student service center. Duncan is now in charge of the several departments whose main mission is to provide a one stop setting to service students. 

“I am really excited that she is taking this position and helping to get this new center going and said Eleanor Duguid, the administrative specialist in enrollment management.

Duncan started her new position just a few weeks ago.

“I really enjoy this job because it allows me to expand on my initial skills in student counseling such as budgeting,” said Duncan.

Although with her new position Duncan has less direct interactions with incoming students, the diversity of Human Services functions that admissions, registrars office, business services and financial aid perform, allow her to get additional skills.

“Ultimately, I want to end up in enrollment management,” said Duncan. “Some of those processes I’ve been exposed to over the last year here at Washburn are moving me a step closer to reach my goal.”

And that is true. Duncan has been in student affairs and higher education since 2003. She has worked at admissions, academic advising, student life and a little bit with Greek Life.

Before Duncan finished her master’s degree in college student personnel and Ph.D. in counseling and personnel services, Duncan earned a bachelor’s in accounting. In high school Duncan was studying different areas and was involved with different clubs. However, she had a talent for math, which was the reason she majored in business accounting in undergraduate school.

“I thought I will have been an accountant somewhere like “Corporate America” at first, but then I ended up not really enjoying my major,” said Duncan. “I decided to finish my degree anyway.”

Duncan shows a strong passion for her job. She believes her job is rewarding although there are always some students who may present challenges. She enjoys being able to help them move through the process and especially watching them start at the beginning of the admissions process through graduation, even if students have bumps in the road.

In anticipation of the new school year Duncan has some encouraging advice to students before the fall semester begins.

“Definitely, go to class, ask questions, do your homework, make sure to get an additional help if you don’t quite understand the material,” said Duncan. “Especially since one of the greatest things about Washburn is that professors are focused on teaching and making sure that students get what they need, more than anything else.”

Further on, Duncan pointed out the importance of getting involved on and off campus.

“It’s always good to contribute to your community,” said Duncan. “Be a part of it. It feels good.”