Washburn University recognized for exceptional data quality, timely submission

The second annual award process for institutes providing quality data submission was conducted on June 25.  Washburn University was recognized along with Neosho County Community College for “excellence in quality of data submitted and the timeliness of the submission” according to a Washburn University press release.  

Washburn University has been recognized by the Kansas Board of Regents for their excellent and efficient submission of data. The Washburn Strategic Analysis and Reporting team was awarded the data quality award June 25 at the Kansas Board of Regents luncheon.

The award was established only last year to distinguish the establishments in Kansas that set the bar for data submissions. Two institutes of higher education were honored. The Neosho County Community College was also presented with the honor at the luncheon.

There are many qualifications and qualities that the board looks for when selecting the institutions for recognition concerning data submission.

Marti Leisinger, the team leader for data collections for the Kansas Board of Regents, served on the selection committee. She mentioned the areas examined by the board.

“Institutions were evaluated on primary and secondary criteria listed below…support for research, support of board objectives, support of colleagues and staff leadership among peers,” said Leisinger.

Different types of data are submitted in order to establish the database. The Kansas Board of Regents and Breeze Richardson, the board’s director of communications, released a statement to define the data categories and purposes.

“Data are submitted throughout the year and are used for determining the distribution of state appropriations, to inform the Kansas Legislature and the board of regents in support of data-driven decision-making, to comply with state and federal reporting requirements and to perform research for program improvement regarding higher education in Kansas,” said Richardson.

For Washburn University data, this includes data and statistics concerning participating and enrolled students. Leisinger defined the data collection process.

“This includes student data collected by Kansas Board of Regents for the Kansas Higher Education Data System, aggregate enrollment data collected by KBOR in the Kansas Higher Education Enrollment Report and data collected by the National Center for Educational Statistics of the U.S. Department of Education in the integrated post-secondary education data system surveys,” said Leisinger.

Washburn University’s place as one of the top institutes for data collection and process has ramifications for students enrolled to attend classes. Melodie Christal is the director for strategic analysis for reporting at Washburn. She believes that students are able to benefit from Washburn’s standards for data submissions.

“By providing accurate and timely data we give students the ability to make informed decisions about whether Washburn is the right fit for them and the quality of education they should expect to receive,” said Christal. “In short, transparency empowers students.”

There are numerous types of data concerning Washburn that is submitted during the year.

“We submit data to both the federal and state government, accrediting agencies and other entities such as U.S. News,” explained Christal. “The data provide a comprehensive picture about Washburn and cover the gamut–academic programs, courses, student life, admissions, enrollment, degrees, financial aid, human resources, costs and alumni.”

The Washburn University offices of financial aid, admissions, academics, information technology and strategic analysis and reporting lead the way for institutes of higher education concerning professional and prompt data submission.

The handling of technology on the part of the data collection team highlights the work and dedication that the staff of WU contribute to make the college experience all it can be for students.