WU announcement July 30

If you are pursuing a degree or certificate and believe you completed your requirements this semester but did not turn in an application, you may still do so.

The deadline to turn in your Application for Degree or Certificate to the University Registrar’s Office and still be considered a Summer graduate is Tuesday, August 26, 2014. If your application is not turned in by this date, your next graduation option will be Fall 2014, and you will need to apply for that term or semester.


You may submit your application through MyWashburn. Select the Student Academics tab and choose “Apply to Graduate” under Registration and Academic Information. Select the term you are graduating and follow the instructions to submit.


If you have any questions about the Application for Degree/Certificate, please contact the University Registrar’s Office at [email protected] or 785-670-1584 or 785-670-1578.



Submitted by: Lisa Tessendorf, University Registrar’s Office

Dated: July 30, 2014

Targeted to Students