Freshmen give first impressions of life at LLC

Welcome to the LLC! New Ichabods got their first taste of dorm life this week.

Mark Feuerborn, mark. [email protected] is a freshman mass media major.

Driving up to the Living Learning Center can be an overwhelming experience for those who will call the building home for the next nine months.

An orchestrated swarm of students and faculty clad in “WUMovesYou” shirts can be seen helping newcomers move their belongings to their dorms. With their help, cars move swiftly around the circular drive, providing a steady flow of new students. The LLC lobby floods with incoming and outgoing students and parents, all working like clockwork.

College is the first time many are on their own and, for some, getting used to the change can take time. “I was actually asleep when we pulled up to the circle drive,” said Emily Smyth. I had just woken up to see the college in front of me.”

“I couldn’t be more grateful for the moving crew,” said Heather Moore. “Otherwise I would have been overwhelmed.”

Many students come to Washburn, not knowing any other students. Although the majority of students came from various areas of Kansas, only a handful knew other people, outside of their own families, currently going to Washburn. Thankfully, many freshmen are making good use of Welcome Week’s beginning activities.

There was a large turnout at the mixers Playfair and Rock the Rec.

The differences between home and independent living are immediately noticed and first reactions are understandably mixed.

“[Looking] on the positive side, the bed in my room is actually comfier than the one I have at home,” said Danielle Locey.

Others, like Cameron Juhnke aren’t as thrilled about the some of the changes.

“The biggest thing is back home I can text my mom, ‘Hey, can you pick this up,’” said Juhnke. “But now I have to go drive and get it myself.”

However, Juhnke has already found ways to make the most of his first weekend away from home.

“Get out and do the activities,” said Juhnke. “I wasn’t planning on going to the comedy show, but my roommate said ‘Hey, let’s get a bunch of guys together for this.’ I had a great time and met people I wouldn’t know otherwise.”

While Welcome Week activities are always a good way to connect with your fellow students, a little free-spirited horseplay can also serve as an icebreaker.

“Get Nerf guns,” said Aubrey Keirns. “It’s a good way to get to know other people, and it’s really fun.”

Turning to an experienced source for advice on make the most of a new living situation, such as resident assistant Blaze Witten, is never a bad idea either.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions,” said Witten. “Get involved.”