Friend Fatima: Living at Home

Q: I’m new to this college thing. I still live at home and everything so I don’t really feel like I’m getting the whole college experience. How can I feel like a traditional student without feeling like the bum that still lives at home?

A: Lets be honest, as much as we don’t want to admit it living at home is awesome. Having your parents or family there to support you and be there when you need them is an uplifting feeling that you don’t get living in the dorms or away from home. Granted, most of us don’t get that choice to stay at home, those of us that do should take full advantage of it.

Saving money is another aspect you have to look at. People used to tease me all the time. All my friends would constantly remind of how I lived at home and I wasn’t getting the real college experience when in reality I was getting the experience without having to pay the expensive rent price.

Even though I live in a sorority now, I still feel the same. Whether you live on campus or not. I don’t feel like I’m a part of this campus because I live near by. I feel like a part of this campus because I have made myself a part of it. Living at home doesn’t give you a less advantage of feeling like you belong on this campus. What gives you that advantage is actually putting yourself out there and being a part of this campus.

I’m not going to lie it is harder to do when you don’t live on campus that first year so you don’t meet several new people. But it is still an important factor to feeling like you belong.

Don’t let the fact that you still live with your parents get in the way of feeling like you fit in. If anything everyone is jealous that you’re saving hundreds of dollars by bumming with your parents. You have extra money to save or go out on the weekends. You get to do more with that money than most people paying rent get to do.

The first step to not feeling like a bum and doing college things is to think it for yourself. If you think you’re a bum that’s how you are going to feel about yourself. Once you’ve gotten over the fact that you don’t need to waste money to belong on campus, then you can get yourself out there and meet people who make you feel like a “normal” college kid.

Living at home is not a bad thing. If you put yourself out there I guarantee you’ll find others who still live with their parents but enjoy Washburn to the fullest.