Apple releases new product information like clockwork

At first I thought I was watching a Mercedes-Benz commercial.  The subject of the video spun ever so slowly in a white background; further juxtaposing the remarkable sparkle of the product.

The camera zooms in and focuses on the fine detail of the product. Incased in a sapphire glass, the video promised to revolutionize the technological industry. But it will not sacrifice style to do so.  Have no fear; the consumer can still claim a sense of individuality with their 18-plus designs; each one promising to be as efficient as the last. Alas, I wasn’t watching a car commercial; What I had witnessed on my computer monitor was the introduction to the new Apple Watch.

Apple expects to launch the new Apple Watch (not iWatch) early next year. This is months after the loyal ‘Applelites’ are able to adjust to their new iPhone 6s. The watch will be the first entirely new product launch from Apple since the introduction of the iPad back in 2009. It is expected to create new competition with mobile markets already making watches (i.e Samsung) as well as traditional watch companies (Fossil). With the watch technology market already existing, Apple took their time to expand its user base. So what exactly makes it different than or similar to other “smart watches?”

The watch’s biggest technological push is its ability to consolidate purchases.  Much like the Google Wallet, the Apple Pay system will be introduced to the new iPhone 6 and Apple watch. Users will be able to attach their credit card information to the devices for online purchases and for those that can use a swipe function at stores. The Apple Pay system also gives the users cancellation options outside of the device in case it is ever stolen.

What Apple will do differently than the other smart watches is its use of App Store. Apple will launch its own developer platform called WatchKit and the company hopes that developers will jump on board. The prospect looks high as companies like Facebook, Twitter and BMW have already agreed to launch their own unique Apple watch apps. The layout of the apps will be different in the watch as well.  The apps will use a scrolling method and appear as tiny circles on the watch’s screen.

A deciding factor for consumers will be the watch’s overall design.  The Apple Watch introduces a ‘digital crown’ that combines the home button and selection scroll into one unitary system. The retina display of the watch promises to create a crisp display but whether that can rival the Samsung Gear-S’ curved screen remains to be answered. The same can be said about the new S1 processor created specifically for the Apple Watch.

However, a lot can be praised about the new charging method for the Apple Watch. The watch is charged with a magnetic cord similar to the chargers that the new Mac Book Pros have. The circular part of the charger will lay flat on the bottom part of the phone without any need to input a part anywhere.  The Apple Watch product will also come in different sizes and with different bracelet options too choose from.

It still seems too early to determine how Samsung and Apple will fare with the launch, but the Apple Watch does offer exciting reasons to attract new customers or at the very least keep their unquestioning consumers happily dancing to the beat of the new watch.