SAGL hosts SOS meeting for student organizations

Abbie Stuart, abigail.stuart@, is a freshman English major.

Student Activities and Greek Life held a pair of informational Student Organization Success meetings on Aug. 25 and 26 to give student organizations information about things such as registration, resources available, licensing and more.

“The SOS meetings are really an opportunity for Student Activities and Greek Life and the university to have a direct conversation with student organizations about how they can be successful,” said Jessica Neumann Barraclough, director of SAGL.

Joining Barraclough was Gary Handy, assistant director of SAGL, and Joel Bluml, associate vice president of Student Life, who discussed the Washburn University Judicial Board.

Michaela Saunders, university relations web editor, and Robert Coffelt, UMAPS’ graphic designer, spoke briefly about marketing policies. They also talked about ways to market, such as using UMAPS, Bod Talk, social and student media, and posters to get out information about events.

Barraclough stayed on topic and addressed some of the new marketing policies now in effect at Washburn. One new policy is that all posters and banners must have the non-discrimination clause on them. In addition to this, Barraclough reminded student organizations that posters must be hung using blue painter’s or masking tape and must be stamped. She also stressed that posters cannot be hung in stairwells, doors or in the dorms.

Other items discussed included event planning and the Achieving Excellence Award. The Achieving Excellence Award is awarded to student nominated professors, staff, and community members who students believe are achieving excellence in their chosen area and beyond. In addition to this, Barraclough talked about the best practices to employ when scheduling an event, such as using only one person of contact for event information, advertising in advance and having potentially dangerous events or activities approved by campus safety.

Angela Valdivia, SAGL office assistant, covered student organization registration. The deadline to register a new student organization is Sept. 19. Students who are re-registering their organizations will need a code to put in when they go to re-register their organizations online. The code can be obtained by contacting SAGL.

Handy talked about resources available to student organizations such as the workroom, the button maker and other organizations that can help promote events including SAGL and the Washburn Student Government Association.

Matt Weaver, WSGA treasurer, talked about the funding that the WSGA allots to student organizations. He went over policies as well as a breakdown of the general funding that WSGA gives out. Barraclough emphasized some of Weaver’s points and further pointed out that funds given to a student organization by the WSGA can only be used for the event that was intended.

Cassandra White, WSGA president, closed out the meeting by talking about homecoming. She encouraged student organizations to get involved with homecoming and reminded them of upcoming deadlines, such as king and queen applications, due Sept. 15.

All student organizations, including new organizations that are still registering and recruiting, were encouraged to attend one of the two meetings. Student organizations that failed to attend are being asked to meet one-on-one with SAGL and WSGA. However, Barraclough encourages all student organizations to contact SAGL first when planning an event or if they have a question.

“We, of course, love students to stop by the office and ask questions, but we want to try to prepare them to be successful,” Barraclough said.

Those seeking more information can contact Student Activities and Greek Life by calling 785- 670-1723, emailing getalife@ washburn,edu or stopping by the office located in the lower level of the Memorial Union.