Why you should vote for WSGA

Joelle Conway

WSGA President and Vice President become two of the most well-known and impactful faces on campus following election. The duo’s job is to serve students and proudly represent Washburn.

The primary role of WSGA is to advocate for students when it comes to navigating campus politics. They work with administration and ensure that all students are represented and welcome on campus.

WSGA serves to help students voice their concerns to administration who have the power to make serious policy changes and campus reform.

WSGA is also in charge of distributing funds to student organizations. They approve funding requests, such as chapter fees and t-shirt grants.

Just like with a presidential or midterm election, voting for your student representatives is vital to a university’s campus climate.

As with all elections, an educated vote is the best kind of vote. The best way to do this is to research what each pair of candidates represent and look at their platform from past years.

Do they represent your values, thoughts, or ideas for Washburn? What are their stances on progressing campus diversity and inclusion? What goals do they have for the upcoming school year? What are they going to change at Washburn? What are they going to keep in place?

There will be a public debate at 5 p.m. Monday, Feb. 24. in Washburn A/B. Questions by audience members are welcomed. This is a great way to get information about who you want to be your representative.

Voting takes place online March 3-5. Learning about who the candidates are before you cast your vote is a wise choice. It affects you and the entire student body.

Edited by Adam White, Wesley Tabor, Jason Morrison