Press Release – WU administration reviews student printing policies

Students at Washburn have a printing account that is included as part of fees and tuition. Once it runs out, however, students must pay for extra copies.

WUReview Staff

Washburn University is committed to providing a quality learning environment and supporting the academic work of our students. As part of this commitment, the University currently provides free printing for students in high use computer labs and student work spaces across campus. 


In an effort to control the cost of printing and sustain a reasonable free printing service for students, Washburn University limits the amount of “free” printing for students.   Using an estimated cost of around $.05/page, you are allocated $17.50 of free printing for each semester.   This amounts to approximately 350 pages/semester of free printing depending on the type of printing accomplished (color and duplex cost will differ). 


Each computer lab or student workspace supporting this service (see list below) is equipped with a computer located by the printer where you can release your submitted print job. When releasing a print job, you are notified of your remaining “free” printing balance and have the option to cancel the print job.  In addition, at any time you can access your balance going to the Student Printing Services website located at and following the directions listed. An FAQ and additional information about this service can also be found at this link.


If you choose to exceed your free printing allocation, you will be charged approximately $.05/page for any additional printing.  Any printing charges will be added to your university bill at the end of the semester. 


Please note, each semester the free printing allocation is reset to $17.50. So, if you don’t use your full allocation, it does not carry over to the next semester, nor is there any monetary refund. 


Any revenue created from students exceeding their printing limit is allocated back to individual labs and student workspaces to help sustain campus printing services. 


This policy was developed in coordination with WSGA, Mabee Library, the office of VPAA and VPAT and approved by the Washburn Technology Steering Committee and Washburn administration.


Locations supporting student printing include:


  • Mabee Library
  • Bennett 108
  • Henderson 108
  • Stoffer 102
  • LLC Front Desk
  • Washburn Village Front Desk

Floyd Davenport


Information Technology Services

 Target: All Washburn Students