Police Reports, 10/22/14

October 11

02:05 – Informational Report, Notice to Leave. Morgan Hall. Report taken: Officer observed a trespasser in the construction area. Contact made no affiliation. NTL served.

October 13

15:25 –  Information Report, Fire Alarm. Living Learning Center. Report taken: Overcooked food in a microwave filled kitchen w/smoke. Topeka Fire Department cleared out smoke, no fire. Alarm Reset.

October 15

12:05 – Offense Report, Harassment by Telephone. Memorial Union. Report Taken: Ichabod Shop staff member recieved an obscene phone call from unknown male suspect.

October 17

11:30 – Offense Report Theft, misdemeanor. Washburn Institute of Technology. Report taken: Student reported that a mirror on his vehicle had been replaced with a different mirror.

October 20

19:14 – Offense  Report,  Criminal Trespass. Parking Lot 7.  Report Taken: Contact made with an intoxicated individual with prior NTL. Arrested and transported to Department of Corrections.

October 20

15:00 – Information Report Possible Missing Person. Washburn University. Report Taken: Student who lives off–campus may be missing, but has not yet been reported as such by foster parents.

October 20

15:12 – Offense Report Theft, misdemeanor. Living Learning Center.  Report Taken: Student reported that personal items were taken from room.