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Kenzie McCoy

How My Passion for Makeup Began:

When I began posting on my blog and became more open with my passion and love for makeup, I got asked the following question, “So, how did you learn to put on makeup so well?”

I guess I never really thought about that “where it all began” moment, but I decided to ponder the idea. Although I can’t say that I decided I was going to enjoy makeup so much in one day, I do remember having a similar thought. (Cheesy, right?)

As silly as it may sound, I remember, during my middle school years, binge-watching the TV show “What Not to Wear” and being in awe of Carmindy, the makeup artist that transformed women’s views of themselves. All of a sudden, these women who were in need of some makeup tips felt beautiful and many of them swore to wear makeup properly from then on.

Who doesn’t want the skill of making yourself, and others, feel beautiful with makeup? I certainly did and still do.

After listening to Carmindy’s tips and tricks, I already knew some of the tips and tricks to making yourself look good with makeup.

Then came my discovery of YouTube. You can probably say that I have an addiction to watching beauty guru videos. But, seriously, if you’re someone who is wanting to learn a few makeup tricks or wish to really further your makeup skills, hop on YouTube and start browsing.

My addiction started last Christmas when my boyfriend bought me my first Urban Decay eyeshadow palette, the Naked 3 Palette. I wanted to learn how to create some different looks with these eye shadows and I began searching on Pinterest, which then lead me to a YouTube video. I was hooked from then on.

Now, I hop on my laptop almost every morning, grab my cup of coffee, and enjoy watching my daily dose of beauty videos. I learn something new from them everyday, although sometimes I have to resist (or give into) the urge of buying more beauty products that are being shown in said videos.

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