Until Oct. 23 you’ll be comfortable with your work and money situation. With the sun in Libra, you will enjoy your time, but be careful not to waste your time away.


It’s your month to shine and you know it. You’ve been on top of your game these past couple weeks and with midterms it’ll show. You’ll breeze right through your exams just in time to enjoy homecoming.


You’ve been a little tense lately probably studying for midterms. Just because you’re studying doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Homecoming Week. It’s not always work and no play. Take time to enjoy the week and go to Yell Like Hell to really loosen up a bit.


This is your month to spread your wings and be social. You’ll find yourself trying to play matchmaker for your friends. Be careful because with the sun changing at the end of the month you may find yourself in a spooky situation.


This month will bring you two game-changing eclipses that you’ll have no problem conquering. Enjoy the ride and be prepared for a winding rode.


October’s stars will have in an expansive spirit. Utilize your good mood to go to the SRWC for quick workout sessions or studying at Mabee. Whatever you choose to do this month your mood won’t be put down.


This month intimate waters will be upon you. This month you’ll be in the mood to get a little closer to people you trust. Now is your time to find out who you are really interested in.


Cosmic events will put your talents front and center this month as you begin slowly getting your name out there. You’ll find the courage to do things you didn’t even know you could do. Utilize your boldness this month and try something you’ve always wanted to do.


With sun being in Libra this month you’re all about fitness and health. You’ll find yourself exploring some of the fitness classes at the SRWC. You’re ready for that Fall cleanse in your life.


This month is all about romance for you Gemini. So don’t be surprised when you get an unexpected visit from Cupid soon. All your efforts to attend Washburn events will finally socially pay off.


Libra is your domestic month. Since you are the natural ruler of this zodiac sector, you’ll be in your element.  But be careful not to spend too much time changing your living style up. Take time to relax and enjoy a Netflix break. After all, after midterms you’ll need it!


Communication is your friend this month and you’ll finally say what you’ve been dying to get out off your chest. Whether it’s disagreement with a peer or co-worker, you will get your piece of mind this month.