Police Reports, 11/12/14

1November 3

11:04 – Information Report, Fire alarm. Morgan Hall. Report Taken: TFD responded, dust from construction set off alarm, area was cleared. Alarm reset.

November 4

22:58 –  Information Report, Medical Call. Kuehne Hall. Report Taken: Student found on floor unconscious. Transported by AMR.

November 5

11:15 – Offense Report, Forgery. Morgan Hall. Report Taken: Investigation into a forged Washburn Diploma continues.

November 5

15:24 – Offense Report, Fraudulent Prescription. Morgan Hall. Report Taken: Unlawful attempt to obtain prescription drugs. Inv. cont.

November 5

14:59 –  Offense Report, Burglary attempted theft. Memorial Union. Report Taken: Unk. suspect entered employee only area and attempted to take food items.

November 5

17:19 – Offense Report, Found property. SRWC. Report Taken: “E” cigarette found in loft area. Placed in lost and found.

November 6

01:55 – Information Report, Disturbance. LLC. Report Taken: Roommates involved in a verbal dispute. Referred to Res. Living.