Celebration of Cultures

Kenzie McCoy

 On Friday, Nov. 14, a celebration of culture showcased at White Concert Hall. Students who are a part of Washburn’s International House and other invited performers showcased both their unique talents and their culture on stage.

The show began with a group dance performed by Chinese students and was followed by other cultural dances, some guitar playing, a rap song, and thrilling nun chuck performance. Not only was culture showcased, but uplifting a n d motivational songs were performed to deliver deeper, inspirational messages.

The crowd watching the stage was as diverse as the student performers. Cultures around the world were represented through different talents and acts. After intermission, w o n d e r f u l piano duets were performed and a cultural fashion show. Student’s lined the stage with their traditional costumes that ranged from the Chinese Han dance costume to the traditional male clothing of Saudi Arabia.

Fahad Alfaryan, sophomore, mass media major, was a part of the celebration of culture and showcased his Saudi Arabian clothing in the fashion show. “The president of the international club asked me to be in the fashion show and I brought my clothing,” said Alfaryan. “I enjoy wearing [the clothes] because it’s been such a long time since I’ve worn it. I enjoyed sharing my costume and my culture. I really loved this event and I loved the Chinese songs with the piano.”

Students from Saudi Arabia showcased a video explaining the lives of Saudi people and how America’s perception may be wrong. Their video concluded with the singing of the Saudi Arabian National song, in which a large portion of the audience stood and joined, singing.

This celebration of cultures talent show was both entertaining and informative. The audience got to see the talents of international students and got to learn a little bit about the traditions and talents from around the world.