Police Reports, 11/19/14

November 8

14:00 – Offense Report, Drug Possession. Washburn Village. Report Taken: Student in possession of drugs in the LLC. Citation issued.

November 10

14:05 –  Information Report, Disturbance. Morgan Hall. Report Taken: A student demanding a grade change caused a disturbance. Referred to Student Life.

November 11

23:38 – Offense Report, Criminal Trespass. Garvey Fine Arts Center. Report Taken: Contact made with an indv. who, it was later found, had a valid and current ‘Notice to Leave’ which was misfiled.

November 12

13:00 – Information Report, Harassment. Washburn Institute of Technology. Report Taken: Profanity was written in the dust on a student’s vehicle.

November 12

20:00 –  Information Report, Mislaid Property. Living Learning Center. Report Taken: Student believed bike to be stolen, but it was only mislaid.

November 13

10:00 – Offense Report Theft, Criminal Use of Financial Card. Bennett Computer Center. Report Taken: Reported theft of wallet with debit card. Unk. suspect(s) used debit card at various business.

November 13

10:00 – Offense Report Theft, Misdemeanor. Mabee Library. Report Taken: Student reported that unk. suspect(s) took laptop from backpack.